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  1. mikeEzero

    Are TCX boots true to size?

    For the TCX Pro 2.1 I had to go up one size. There is a comment on sizing on Shane Watts' web site ( http://shanewatts.com/store-3/#!/~/product/category=7194241&id=30667665 )
  2. mikeEzero

    TCX boots?

    Shane Watts ( http://shanewatts.com/) sells the TCS Pro 2.1 for $300.
  3. mikeEzero

    Van as daily driver?

    The ford vans are nice, but for around town I prefer the ranger. Better visibility and much easier to find parking.
  4. mikeEzero

    begginer riding classes

    Steve Hatch racing is a good one to check out (http://www.stevehatchracing.com/) I took one of his classes last year. It was a really good weekend of bike riding fundamentals. Small enough to have one-on-one help, but enough other people in it to keep it interesting.
  5. mikeEzero

    End to the end of Southern Riding

    yes. How much? - don't know....
  6. After riding Southern this afternoon the local sherif stopped by to inform everyone that within the year that riding area will be closed off for development. He didn't say not to ride but said to expect it to be closed within the year.....