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  1. I need one bad can a dealer special order one
  2. That makes me happy to hear:rolleyes:
  3. Sorry gents PC was broke.. Cams.. Valves.. Frc 41.. Got her together and now leaky base gasket.. Ggrrrr
  4. Well I will try 43 for torque just for giggles. And the case sealer it's what I was taking about... I guess I looked at the wrong torque spec b4
  5. I torqued the big head bolts first before the little ones.. What should the head bolt torque be. And should I try A higher torque before tearing down to see for a seal
  6. It's a cometic bigbore single layer gasket.. My shop I get parts from said the 3 layer is not available any more.. And yes cases were split.. I did clean engine with degreaser and restarted it and watched the oil come out from under the cylinder in the middle in the back.. I torqued to what clymer said 24 I think not positive off top of my head..
  7. just put new gaskets on the top end. base gasket leaks in the back right from where th case halfs meet ...have new ones comeing some friends said to silicone the new gasket with the stuff for the case half seam to stop the leak..... will it work
  8. thanks all that did the trick ..... new prob oil leaks from center of jug at the case mateing surface any ideas
  9. hi all just put the cams and carb on got the setup from epic. followed the clymer book instructions . now i cant get th 05 sm to run. it ran for about 20 second s. stalled and that was it. real slow crank when i hit the start button . what should ido? it has the 480 kit and i noticed no auto decomp on new ex cam... thanks in advance
  10. awsome!!!!!!!!!!
  11. o my bad.. i never mentioned that i was concidering the ssw/mrd if it will help
  12. well low 50s is pretty good tho right? i know its not a "sport bike" but its fun as hell now and i can only bet it will get more fun .. idk..
  13. no oversized valaves i didnt want to send the moiny to have it ported... lame i know... but on a budget.. u really think i could gian that much power with the ssw/mrd? how much power do u think i am building with the current set up i have?
  14. gee i dont know what the carb settings are, its what ever epic sent to me on the fcr.. i still have to put it on so basically if i do anything with the exhaust go for the ssw/mrd?
  15. i paint cars for a living... including plastic parts like bumpercovers.. if u want the silver to stick you need to cleand the parts well with spraynine or purplepower.. then use a gray suff pad and use plastic parts primer and sealer or primer with flex additve, then base coat,then clead with flex additive. the flex will keep it durable and if u drop it it wont blow off when the palstic bends... this is all availible at and autobody distributor,, even a napa that sells paint... if u pill gas or any petrol based cleaner, laquer thinner, or paint thiner, goo gone , on the spray paint it will come off... and if u just use spay paint over tthe plastic it will lift.. there is mould release in and on the plasitc paint dont like that thats y u need plastic parts primer and it needs to be clean and dull