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    02 WR250f won't run....

    Thanks everyone. I bought a new pilot jet. Didn't realize that there was supposed to be that tiny hole running through it. The bike starts first kick now and runs and idles fine without the choke. But now if I blip the throttle with the choke off it takes a second or two to rev up. It makes that bogged down sound like when you are in too high a gear while riding. It doesn't die, it just takes a second. With the choke on I can rev it all I want and it's fine. I didn't record what the pilot screw was set at when I originally tore it apart but set it back to factory settings when I put it back together. Any ideas?
  2. FatalSean

    02 WR250f won't run....

    I have an 02 WR250f that sat for a couple of years. It for obvious reasons didn't start. I rebuilt the petcock and tore the carburetor apart and cleaned everything. All jets and passages are clear as far as I can tell. Bike will now start choked but immediately dies if I take the choke off. Bike will run with no choke if I twist the idle screw all the way up but dies if I twist the throttle. Bike revs fine and doesn't die if I give it gas while choked. Any Ideas on the problem would be much appreciated.