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  1. Daddy

    Is there an easier way?

    Or you can disconnect the vacuum line to the petcock and let it idle until your carb is out of fuel. I also use Seafoam in the gas tank to keep the gas stable.
  2. Daddy

    Anyone try a Ballistic EVO2 battery?

    Sorry for the late reply, but it might help other anyway. I did not have to cut anything. Not sure how to insert an image here, but I mounted it upright and as far forward in the battery box with the terminals facing out, no problems even after the crash.
  3. Daddy

    Anyone try a Ballistic EVO2 battery?

    I just found this going through my junk mail. Thanks, bike was fine scuffed up the handguard, but I was able to sand out 90-95% of it in about 15 minutes. I purchased it from a place called indysuperbike. I had to wait about three weeks to get it, but they kept in touch and offered to let me cancel my order if I wanted to, very pleasant to deal with. I was in no hurry since it was just an upgrade.
  4. Daddy

    Anyone try a Ballistic EVO2 battery?

    I have the EVO2 4-Cell and it works awesome. I was riding a few weeks back and hit what I think was a diesel fuel all over the road, went down like a sack of potatoes. No biggie, had all my gear on, bike slid about 20 ft. So I got up made sure I was still in one piece and slowly walked over to the bike and finally picked it up. It was flooded bad, took at least 10 tries to start, but finally did. Battery never showed any signs of getting weak, try that with the stock battery. Got mine for $88 free shipping.
  5. Anyone have the Clarke 3.9 gas tank in white? I'm pretty sure I want the Clarke, but I can't decide on color. My bike is blue, so blue, black or white are my choices. If the white is a decent match that would be my first choice. I know the blue is not perfect, but then the stock blue tank doesn't match the other plastics anyway. Black would work, but the performance junkie in me says black will make the fuel hotter than white in the sun. If anyone has pictures of white tank on a bike with some stock white side panels on it would help.
  6. If you gear it for that. I run 15/41, because most of our hwy speeds are 70 mph (113 km/h) which means 80-85 mph (129-137 km/h) or you'll get run over.
  7. I'm running the 606 front with m21 rear about 70/30 street/dirt for the last 700 miles (1129 km/h). I bought the bike used with these tires on it, the front and rear knobs were about 1/2 long. Now the knobs are 7/16 front and 3/8 rear, not too bad considering the amount of street I ride. The tires perform better than I would have thought both dirt and street. I normally take corners at about 30 mph (48 km/h) on the street in warm/dry conditions. My other street bike is an R1 with Pilot Power 2cts, so I know what good handling is on the road. And my dedicated trail bike is a modded KDX200 with Dunlop mx51s so I know what good dirt handling is about as well. One thing I did notice early on when my suspension was too soft on compression and too tight on rebound the bike would try to go into a tank slapper at about 68 mph (109 km/h). I thought this was because of the 606, but after changing the suspension settings and bumping up tire pressure I was cruizing at 85 mph (137 km/h) stable as could be. As far as wet performance, any water on the road for me has always resulted in a high pucker factor. I hate wet roads! But, I have gotten caught in the rain twice and they gave me no drama, but like I said "I hate wet roads" so I am always extra cautious in the wet. I will probably get another m21 on the rear, but would like to try an m21 on the front next time. Call me weird, but I like s*** to match.
  8. Daddy

    JD Jet Kit results/questions

    The drip could have been from the wheelie. So what did you end up with and how does it work? I modded the stock exhaust and did the 3x3 with JD kit last night. Used 155 main, blue needle 3rd from top, 25 pilot with extended fuel screw 2.5 out. Much better than stock, but trying to see what others in the area are ending up with.
  9. Daddy

    DRZ Jetting question

    So what did you guys end up with? Seems like all the threads I found when searching for "Jetting Houston" end without every posting the final results.
  10. Daddy

    help me only pull this carb one last time

    So how did it work? Last night I did the 3x3, modded stock exhaust and used the JD kits 155 main, blue needle 3rd from top, 25 pilot and extended pilot screw 2.5 out. The difference is awesome, but I'm still fine tuning the pilot screw. Need to mess with it this weekend. Would be nice to know where you ended up.