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  1. Hi Fellas, Brought an XL250R 1983 of ebay, engine was disassembled so orderred a head gasket and rocker cover gasket, parts didn't fit, back to shop and they rang a local Honda expert who said I have an XLX250R. Said it was a special Honda build to use up XL350 parts, Xl350 head and barrel onto a XL250 block, mono shock rear end and drum brakes both ends. For info,,,,10/83 build, engine number is MD08-5001670 and frame is M008E-5001673 Here is a photo as delivered, engine out and big dent in tank, if anyone is interested I'll post more photo's of ressurection Conrod
  2. Hi fellas Just joined and thought Id show you my wheels. Brought her as standard bike imported from japan in january this year, they never came out in Australia. Was going to cafe race it but my back isnt any good now,,,cant get down over the tank anymore, and I found the jap site "Bratstyle" so i thought "why not" All my own work in my garage in Sydney, sprayed her myself. Ill post a video or two when I can work out how its done