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  1. This is my first post on a forum EVER so im sorry if I don't get alot of the abbreviations lol Last year I had to sell my 2001 sm610s due to a new member to the family and much needed funds but the time has come to look at getting another and after riding a couple of different ktm models that my brothers own I have decided it has to be another Husky. But which one? At the moment I am looking at either a 2006 sm610s (carb'd) or a 2007 sm610ie (inj) as there isn't really that much difference in cost but I am unsure on the main differences between the two. Do they have completely different characteristics? Which has more power or more which is more modifiable? I generally ride sensible distances at an average of 55-85mph but the real appeal for me was the capability to go anywhere and use the sm like a bmx bike so obviously i do like to "mess around" alot. Can anyone help me make my decision? Thanks in advance