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  1. okej!
  2. Think thats the best lookin rm i have ever seen!! Svensk?
  3. My friend sas honda is better than suzuki. He is so retarted!
  4. what did you do with the frame? Looks awesome!
  5. Sad story bro
  6. Hello! I've an rmz 250 2011 and wondering if 450 graphics fit from 2008-2012. //// sweden
  7. 2007 and 2008 is the same bike and i got the 08, in the instructions book it is writed 950ml + 50 (oilfilter) so 1L. Don't you know where the level plug is?
  8. get a sxf 350!
  9. the only problem I see is that after 4 laps the track is pretty bumpy.
  10. just got the package from btosport -> imported to me (sweden), wiseco piston, sprockets, and som small shit replaced the old camchain with the new one today, changed oil in the fork. Thinking of change the radiator hoses to transparent pvc hose!
  11. Suzuki rmz 250 08, 140 hours, 30 drived by me
  12. A swedish hot garage!