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  1. Raced the LBJ Enduro this past Sunday. Amazing trails. We had some good rain the Friday before so the dirt was primo. Check out my video, I have the 1st section up as well. Will be posting the 4th and 5th sections up over the next couple of days. If you like what you see, check out my other race videos and subscribe to my channel. I try and put a video up of at least one lap of every race I do. Was slacking for a while but am getting back into the swing of things.
  2. infamouscrew02

    Big Buck you Suck ;-)

    Awad it was on either the first or second lap. Cant remember exactly. I also believe it was during an uphill section. You went to the left and i trailblazed far off to the right and came out in front of you on a Yamaha. The whole time i was hooting and hollering at you. I even turned around to yell at you even more for fun. I do remember you yelling something back at me but i didn't understand what you said.
  3. infamouscrew02

    Big Buck you Suck ;-)

    I wonder what psi your rear and front tire was at whenever i jumped on it and ran with it. I had no time to grab a gage and check. Whatever it was at worked for me. Hey Ron, did you find the part in the video where i was yelling at you?
  4. infamouscrew02

    more fun stuff LMAO

    wow.... Darwinism in action.
  5. infamouscrew02

    How bad is it to overfill the transmission?

    Ive ran 3/4 quart on my 02 since day one and have had no problems.
  6. infamouscrew02

    Cheap(er) woody graphics?

    I bought a cheaper set of graphics off of ebay for my bike and within 3 rides ive already lost the graphic on the right side fairing. I also had to use spray adhesive to get the majority of them to stick. My friend bought some graphics also, different style, but from the same company and his didnt stick very well either. he has already taken them all off cause they suck so badly. Moral of the story? Spend the extra few bones and get something thats going to work well.
  7. infamouscrew02

    2003 CRF450R Valve Check

    First off, make sure you can move the cam back and forth a little bit. That ensures that the engine is at TDC. Second off, your second picture doesnt exist.
  8. infamouscrew02

    Tell me I will be ok! Major mess up

    You will be alright. I ran a 12 hour race at Durham Town Plantation in Georgia a year ago and on the first lap I acquired a small leak. Said to hell with it and kept on riding.
  9. infamouscrew02

    the coolest pic of you and your bike

    Just a few pictures from last Sunday at TNT in Chester, SC.
  10. infamouscrew02

    This aint no good...

    Well I think cuerx is gonna get kicked in the leg and punched in the fore head the next time he is seen by me. And then one day his bike will mysteriously fall off of the stand....
  11. infamouscrew02

    This aint no good...

    Well tore down the engine again. Realized that whenever i was putting on the new head, the sleves that make sure it sits in the proper place werent there. They were still in my old head! So i re-assembled everything and put oil and coolant in it and started it up. Almost instantly the oil went milky. Thought that maybe the little bit of oil left in the engine could of turned the new oil milky so i drained it again and added new oil again. Went milky AGAIN. Drained the oil, drained the coolant and went for the water pump seals. Took the tranny side cover off and took the impeller off. Come to find out the seals were some what corroded? They had gunk all over them, mainly in between the two of them. Luckly my friend that was helping me work on the bike had new seals with him in his box of crf goodies. Along with a radiator to replace my left one that somehow had a crack in it. Anyways put on the seals, bearings, shaft, impeller and put the case cover back on. Put oil in it and coolant in it and started the bike up. No milkyness anymore! So after about 5 hours of work and troubleshooting the bike is complete and good to go. One quick question tho... The 04 head will fit onto the 02 cylinder and everything will match up correct???
  12. infamouscrew02

    This aint no good...

    After further inspection of the tranny oil i think it is fine. Whenever i looked at it first i just opened the timing cap on the side and looked in. I think the discoloration was a mixture from the oil that was still remaining in there, to the lighting. I do believe i may have just goobered up the head gasket. I will be tearing the head off and inspecting it very soon. After i do a collant flush and oil change on my car. Thanks for the reply.
  13. infamouscrew02

    This aint no good...

    Put a new head on the bike filled it up with new oil and collant and she busted off on like the 5th kick. Sounds great feels really strong, throttle wise (still dont have the wheels on yet). Anyways I looked in the oil glass on the side of the engine and i saw milky oil. I checked the tranny side and guess what i found! milky oil. Ive searched on here and have come to the conclusion that milky oil will be due to either one of two things. Bad head gasket and or bad water pump seals. I replaced the base and head gasket the last time i rode which was in October, 6 months ago! And i replaced the waterpump seals a lil over a year ago, along with the water pump shaft, bearing, counter blanancer shaft, bearings, ect... Whenever i started the rebuild of my bike and i drained all the fluids they were all they way they are suppose to be. not milky. Since the bike hasnt been ran since i drained the fluids how can something have gone bad? And which part has gone bad??? thanks for the help
  14. I go off very small singles with my g/f on the back of my bike and she loves doing it. I make her wear a helmet, boots and pants tho, I also may be quarter throttle in 2nd of my 450. We may get 2 feet of air at most but she loves doing it. I dont see the big deal...
  15. infamouscrew02

    My Highlight Film of Myself I made!

    I wish i lived in WV. Some of the best trail riding is to be done up in them mountains! We usually go 4 of 5 times a year. But at the same time Im glad im down in SC cause i love the tracks that are within 2 hours of me almost every which way.