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  1. skirecs

    how many miles on your pig?

    56 miles per gallon? how is that possible? im usually in the high 30s going around town and 6 miles to work
  2. skirecs

    My 650L on the trail

    i wish there was a place like that near me in NY
  3. skirecs

    Stripped countershaft!

    i noticed the tiniest bit of CS wear today, and the sprocket could rotate and tilt and was generally a little looser than I expected got a 650r sprocket on order and it should be grand
  4. skirecs

    Carb float bowl leaking...

    take the carbs off, clean them up nicely, and fill the bowls on the bench?
  5. skirecs

    650L Countershaft won't engage

    if its the CS, weld the sprocket on, should get you until the sprocket wears out although that will allow you to procrastinate a lot longer than repairing properly...
  6. skirecs

    xr 650 r (clients)

    ahhh wish i could put an xrr engine in my xrl frame no xrrs allowed in NY
  7. skirecs

    Previous owner jetting!

    thanks all, ill lean it a bit and it should be great
  8. skirecs

    Previous owner jetting!

    i put the DJ165 back in, seems to help the top end a little bit over the 160 DJ needle and spring AND drilled, midrange seems fine, so no problems i have the mix quite lean at a little less than 2 turns with a 55 any richer and it likes to die when slowing to a stop at a light or something my feeling is that this is still much richer than stock so it won't do any harm, is that correct?
  9. skirecs

    ---Lower Link Length Chart---

    devol was around 3 5/16, ill have a more accurate number when i pull it in a few days, xr650l 2007
  10. skirecs

    Previous owner jetting!

    hmm ill try leaning it out with the mix a little more, i thought surely 55 would be spot on based on others remarks especially at sea level, snorkel removed etc etc is there an equivalent size to a DJ 50S that was in it previously?
  11. skirecs

    anyone wanna trade 650l suspension links

    I have a devol, approx 3 5/16 long from bolt to bolt I might want to wait until the season is over before removing mine because I don't wanna be out of action for the length of time shipping takes, unless someone is close by or something like that
  12. skirecs

    Previous owner jetting!

    OK, I think I'll pop the DJ165 back in to see if that helps the top end because its feeling pretty weak 25-75 % right now is pretty strong and good response so im thinking needle and slide are OK The only other thing is coming down from high speed and braking to a stop sometimes lets it stall. Is that to rich or lean on the mixture screw? Before was a 50S, put in a 55
  13. skirecs

    Previous owner jetting!

    Just out riding before it started hailing on me... There is a little stumble from low rpm that I can't seem to get rid of with the mixture, is that because the slide is all messed up from the combination of drilling and aftermarket spring? Also, coming down from high revs like cruising at 50 then to a stoplight it has a little trouble with idling before steadying out, previously it would come right down and be steady, whats that a symptom of?
  14. skirecs

    Previous owner jetting!

    Well shit, I've drilled the holes to 5/32 It seems to run at 65 mph with less throttle than before, but that was only with a little testing I think ill try a little richer on the idle mix, but there still is that slight hesitation when I hit the throttle hard from real low rpms, maybe that is just a shortcoming of the CV It was pissing rain all day, perhaps tomorrow I'll ride a tank and get some more info to tell you thanks all
  15. skirecs

    Previous owner jetting!

    Bought a 07 with 3600 miles on, now has 5000 and decided to do daves mod im at 300-1000 feet Before: FMF exhaust, powerbomb header, uni air filter jetted 50, 165, needle second clip down I got 55, 160 and pulled the snorkel, and left the needle as is because i didn't know how it correlated to shims etc Any suggestions on needle position? results: I started playing with the mix, and at around 2 turns it seemed to have the highest idle, but when I cracked the throttle really quickly it might have pinged i never have heard a ping first person, sounds sorta like someone tapping the back of a tablespoon on the head, is that it? so i richened the mix a little and turned up the idle a hair and it seems to be better, still hard throttle at low rpm there is a stumble, maybe for one rotation, then it picks up and seems to have more power, lifts the front a little easier from 75-100% throttle there seems to be no difference in the pull, is that normal? thanks fellas, im just not used to this carb yet and the signals its telling me