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  1. lswartz33

    1999 klx 300

    still working for me here http://planetklx.org/
  2. lswartz33

    KLX250SF LED Ambient Lights

    a pin in my KACR came out, locked up the camshaft and broke my camchain....it's in pieces right now while i get a bunch of new parts on order and re-paint the frame. Figured this would be as good a time as any to rid myself of the purple frame and add some white LED strips as well!
  3. lswartz33

    KLX250SF LED Ambient Lights

    I took my KLX out for a night ride the other night (before it broke ) and thought that some ambient LED strips would help seeing whats around the bike and the engine area. Looks great!
  4. lswartz33

    KLX300 - ACR let go, cam chain broken

    From looking over the engine after opening it and having some second thoughts about the ACR (just replaced the spring as the old one wouldn't hold the weights shut) before it's final moment's I am thinking - One pin of the ACR let go ACR weight got caught under the left side of cam Crank gear tried to pull (now jammed) chain Chain broke on the exhaust cam side exactly where it jammed I'll post some pics of the aftermath when I get home. The chain was still on the cam gears, but broken right after the exhaust cam gear. I had reset the tensioner, but there seemed to still be some slack in the chain. Definitely more cam slap noise on the top end than I would like. I'd like to go the route of the manual tensioner, so Kreiger will be my plan for that repair. Just go OEM for cam chain? Around $80-$90 looks like the going rate for one through TT or BikeBandit.
  5. lswartz33

    KLX300 - ACR let go, cam chain broken

    thanks guys! valves gang banging my piston doesnt sound enjoyable! Idler Gear and Output Shaft were replaced before I purchased it. Bike starts up first/second kick whether cold or hot. Does smoke a little when first started after sitting overnight (valve seals?). I'm going to ensure my valves are still in spec, as well as replacing some seals/gaskets while it's all open. Anything else I should take a peek at while I'm in there?
  6. Hoping for a little help from the community here. Just got my 97 KLX300 running, bought it two weeks ago from a buddy of mine. Was out riding the other night when the bike died. Opened it up the next day to find one of the pieces of the ACR lodged under the cam and a broken cam chain. No other damage that I can find, so I feel like I lucked out. So for the repairs I am looking at a new exhaust cam and cam chain, along with possible guides/tensioner- I know the 03+ has the new ACR timing, but will any of the KLX cams fit my application or only KLX300 cams?