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  1. I would like to do this to mine, but I'm having a hard time finding out what the requirements/laws are in my state.
  2. The FMF PowewCore 4 slip-on is the one most are using and keeping the stock head pipe with that factory power bomb. One more thing that's not on your list is, getting the Comp ECU remapped. Remapping the ECU made the biggest difference on mine, they come very lean from the factory and changing the muffler makes it worse. I had the dealer plug in the FMF map and it richened it up and it even helped it start easier. I'm not even sure you need the Comp ECU, I thought here in the states we were the only ones with the non programmable ECU.
  3. I know, I know, but damn.
  4. I agree, I wouldn't have known about the stiff clutch pull if I didn't read about it, it feels like my other bikes. I guess an easier pull would be nice, but I really don't even think about it while I'm riding.
  5. I too was a little disappointed at first at the WR's power, and my other bike is a YZ250f. After a slip-on and remapping the ECU it's hard to keep the front end down. I rarely need full throttle, as that makes it scary fast.
  6. What do we think? You recommend the 2012 Honda over the new WR, did you own the new WR450? The reviews I read clearly rated the new WR over the old school Honda. You mentioned the honda not having the throttle stop screw, it's probably easier to remove than the AIS since the WR has none. Rejetting is a thing of the past now with the WR and the money you save buying a WR over a Honda can get you "uncorked". I'm happy that you like the color red over blue because that's the only thing you could say was better than the WR, if that's your favorite color.
  7. Sounds like a bad Flux Capacitor.
  8. Georgia

    I am a little further north, 25 miles to the Tenn. border in Dalton. There are several places close to me, but "have bike will travel."
  9. No, fuel injection has cured that.
  10. One quart only for me. How much more did you put in?
  11. I strongly recommend getting the ECU reprogrammed with the FMF program once you get your comp ECU and muffler. This seemed to make the biggest improvement overall for me. The new map cured the stock lean condition and decel pop, plus improved the starting.
  12. Florida

    I know, I know, the pictures on the website show mostly ATVs, but there are a lot of tight singletrack oneway trails that are bike only, pretty gnarly one's. There's enough good bike riding for one solid day at least, and they seem to be adding more. For the most part the ATVs are content just playing in the mud and havn't been a problem as they can't get to the good stuff.
  13. Florida

    Thanks for the invite but I'll be down your way that weekend, doing "the family thing". (Brother lives in Lake Mary,FL) Your next trip up you might want to stop here http://motomountainpark.com it's kinda new so not too crowded. They also cook for you on the weekends (mmm free food) Hope you guys enjoy.
  14. That's exactly what I paid (8600 OTD) with a few extras thrown in. They trimmed the bars and installed barkbusters, and sold me the FMF at cost.
  15. That's good news but I hope to get more than 75miles from 3 gal.