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  1. so i have a 1990 GS500 that i bought as a project and have been restoring, i was curious who would know if i could swap out the stock forks for some inverted forks for this bike? also anyone know which forks could possibly fit it? Thanks for your time
  2. So i bought myself into a project recently, a 1990 Suzuki GS500E that is a bit of an undertaking... ive learned that there is a leak around the throttle shaft, and due to the nature of replacing those seals or o rings or whatever is corroded its cheaper to just replace the carbs themselves than to have someone drill out the housing and all... this is a dual carb as well for those who wouldnt know this leaves me with a couple options, i can buy a duplicate of the stock carbs and just clean em up and throw em on the bike and call it good .... but i might as well make it interesting. what other carb sizes / brands can i use on this bike? stock is a Mikuni BTS33SS, i dont have my manual on me to look up the diamater of the output, BUT the idea of dropping a larger newer single carb and running that with a dual manifold is something im interested in for sure. anyone who knows more about this stuff have any suggestions, and if theres anything i can put on the bike to improve performance over the stock set up let me know! also has anyone ever heard of anyone converting from a dual carb to a single carb on these bikes??