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  1. Witch steering damper do you recommend on the 2009 FE 450?
  2. For Husaberg it is Morstad Motor witch is 54km from my home. And for Husqvarna there is Snellingen witch is 12km from my home.
  3. I will purchase one of this next week but I am torn between the two. I love the looks of the Husaberg, and the Husky don't have that look. But I haven't ridden any of them yet. I will use it as a motard and an enduro bike. But is there a big difference in power? And it's 10 years since I had a bike, and that was a Suzuki GSX-R 600. I know that the maintenance on the Berg is more often but that don't mater. Have anyone her experience with both bikes and how they handles different terrains? Glenn71