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  1. it does have spark just not alot like not even enough to give me a nice shock does anyone think it could be a faulty coil??
  2. I can also only see spark while i have the plug cap off and while touching it against the block of motor can t see it while plug cap and plug is in even while it is on motor
  3. pister pro is a quality brand not like junk gio daymak etc... and i have pulled plug and there is no spark threw plug i have tried cutting the tip of the wire and changing the cap tried different cdis set the cam and timing no spark i can feel only a small charge while i hold the tip like i build bikes like these and work on small hondas and have never seen a bike has some spark but not enough to even give me a shock let alone start it anybody think it could be a coil or bad ground ignitior coil??? thanks for the help
  4. Hell I have a nice 110cc pister pro with a 3 valve big bore kit the buike has tons of compression ran fine then one day wouldn t it has spark now but vary little like i can hold my hand on the spark plug cable and i can hardly feel it let alone get a shock i have a old atc 70 and if u were to touch the plug on that thing you would be having your hair stand straight uplol i have checked cdi and it is not the prob I have also set the timing and it is also not the prob any ideas will help thanks