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  1. briangraves

    07 DRZ400SM 30K miles maintenance and inspections?

    Google is easy enough to use. http://www.thelaketavern.com/johnny_honda/DR-Z400_00_06.pdf http://www.filefactory.com/dlf/f/b491gd6/b/4/h/4faba55a06f5f2229596a9fc76f1dec5fc598502/j/0/i/68cbd5598de5e340d4bec4620b7a774e19b5f0f8/a/55b58a39d9967ab3187bfba69e7ba7898f8945c7/n/DRZ400_Repair_Manual_00-06.pdf works for 07 also.
  2. briangraves

    07 DRZ400SM 30K miles maintenance and inspections?

    If the moderators can confirm that it isn't against the forum rules.
  3. briangraves

    07 DRZ400SM 30K miles maintenance and inspections?

    This is the kind of information that is helpful to me! I can change the stator on the road. I can't see myself replacing it until it dies. Of course, the repair manual pdf comes with me on a flash drive on every trip.
  4. briangraves

    07 DRZ400SM 30K miles maintenance and inspections?

    45K miles on a drz with no rebuild?! that's what I'm talkin about! It sounds like I'll want to check the valves and replace the countershaft seal before the trip. Thanks guys!
  5. briangraves

    07 DRZ400SM 30K miles maintenance and inspections?

    I read your post 3 times and I still don't understand what you are trying to tell me.... The incomprehension goes well with your signature, mr politics-on-a-forum-guy. Oh shit, you've been assigned a moderator? F_CK! I ride a motorcycle to get away from this shit. So, new top end? Wait... what? I give up. Thank you CraigoDRZ400sm. What is the worst case scenario for not rebuilding the top end within the next 5-6k Miles, aside from valvetrain/piston destruction failure?
  6. briangraves

    07 DRZ400SM 30K miles maintenance and inspections?

    Wal-Mart brand 20w-50 every 2k miles. I'm ashamed; didn't have time before the trip at 19k miles to make inspection and adjustment. Lied in previous post that I've done the adjustment to avoid the criticism. I will handle that in a few days and will get back to you. Most neglected valve clearance in the history of the DRZ. 30k Miles before adjustment! but I will say that at 9k miles it needed none. I do the loctite fix every time .
  7. I just got back home 2 weeks ago from a 4 month 11k mile trip on my bike around the country and am about to depart on another trip of half that. It's amazing to actually watch sprocket and tire wear happen as if in fast forward 10x. It has the power of a 50cc scooter at 12k feet with sea level jetting. I've already performed maintenance as far as brakes, air filter replacement, valve adjustment, wheel bearings and seal replacement, chain and sprockets replacement, spark plug replacement, fluid replacement, and oil and filter replacement. I am not concerned about it not being able to pull it off over and over without issue-- it is a fantastic piece of engineering and has not let me down, NOT ONCE. I would, however, like to know of some inspections that I should make based on the experience of owners with higher mileage than I, and the problems they had before or thereafter for a little more peace of mind. Should I invest in the one piece valves or be worried about shaft bearings? 3x3, full Yoshi, MCCT Thanks guys. This TT resource has kept her alive this long, let's see how far I can take her!