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  1. Ill tell you the answer to everyones responses but it comes at a cost, ,,, turbo charging, which in itself absorbs some of the sound while providing a solid 30% gain in power, How about this , a mini turbo with just 3lbs of boost ,,, im thinkin 5 hp gain ,, your girlfriend in the celica will think your ridin an electric bike lol
  2. Jackaway ,, thats part of why were all here ... free speech dude
  3. Maann if they think the q4 is quiet ,their foolin themselves, and installing the quiet core defeats the whole purpose altogether, 96 dcb is loud, and a for loud pipes save lives, howabout watchin vehs around you, now that really saves lives,
  4. Yes i agree you would be quicker , but i gotta tell ya ,, its lean cold but once warm runs spot on ,, one thing also you should know is, i like the stock fuel milage , its indicating an average of 71 mpg so you know its getting at least a true 65mpg, ide be willing to bet your power commanded bike is 10mpg less ,, let me know sammy423oo
  5. Purchased a wr250r 2 months ago, its now broken in somewhat, tried the q4 and found it too loud for me so i switch back to stock leaving the graves exup eliminator connector in place, and valve controller off, bought the graves high flow tip, and added 2 univents to the air box, it runs really well with more power everywhere, even at lower rpms, im beginning to think these intake and exhuast control valves are really installed to limit sound output. anyhow, for 160 bucks it runs as well as it can unpower commanded. i cant tell the difference between the open cat exhaust and the q4 powerwise, being only a 250cc air pump it doesnt flow enough to have the cat effect flow,