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  1. Yeah I would say probably not...
  2. Hippy

    Ralphs a douche!

    years ago Art Eckman was calling the riders the wrong names at press conferences. Art was great for his time, but he started slipping quick. I like the Duffy dude from Aus or NZ. He and Emig could be good. If speed had half a brain they would put at least someone with a name like "Bestwick". More people would start watching just from his market and I know he can do a better job than Ralph. Once again Ralph is a good studio guy, but not so much on the live call stuff. Ralph doesn't need to leave completely, but they need to phase him out of the booth and into the studio to build more of an after show.
  3. Hippy

    Ralph Shaheen Fan Club - Ralph Rocks!

    For JG think more about the options out there. I was told the MM deal was a no go and that Valli was the lead team for his services. Of course Jeff Ward racing needs a guy......Maybe Reed still add's a second rider? Either way the clock is ticking.....Do I dare suggest he could reunite with JGR or is that just off the map?
  4. Made my first ever AMA National Moto's there. Place is very dear to me. I thought it was to tight in a lot of areas, but overall it was a fun track to ride.
  5. Hippy

    Ralph Shaheen Fan Club - Ralph Rocks!

    From my wifes mouth "When did they add the fruity cowbow to the show?". I am sure Ralph is a very nice and decent guy, but I have a pretty hard time listening to him. Emig is good, but is just funny sometimes when he screws up. I think it was the second MEC race Emig was talking about Dungey figuring into the million dollar prize after just talking for a half hour about only the guy who wins the first race has a chance from there on out. I am sure he was just caught up in the moment of the non excitement of the race.
  6. Hippy

    more JS7 rumors

    I remember back in 2005 the YZ250F's were going through clutches like nothing. One day one of my parts guys why I was telling people about another site(TT) that might shed answers rather than just sell them more clutches. I simply explained to him the importance of trustworthy relationships with their customers and that we are in the business of helping people get educated and that by not selling him more clutches to the point he sells the bike and the customer is gone, in a single line shop. I saw the little light bulb go on in his head and he turned out to be one of the most liked guys in the shop. Long story short.....Take care of those who take care of you. I hope that is what people will take from the abbreviated little preview of my book. I have a nice little chapter on the distributers', shops, but it was too all over the place to add it in. But it will talk about the fall of dealerships and the transition to ecommerce.
  7. Hippy

    more JS7 rumors

    On it. I have been referring people over here for more than 10 years and why I didn't jump into the forum is beyond me. I used to send people over here when I was running dealerships and they had questions about 4-strokes and what not. This place is almost dumbfounding on how much information is provided. I don't know who the owners are, but they deserve a Nobel prize!
  8. Hippy

    more JS7 rumors

    You know what I don't like. James getting lap dances and drinking on a TV show tied to Moto and then going and getting arrested. Most people in the "I don't care what they do" opinion are just usually a little older and have a different take on social media. There are still plenty of people who don't mind that the Moto industry breaks more than a few anti-trust laws and the more the fans bring up things like legality the better. Yes it could be considered against the rules posting that pic, but when you put something out on twitter I figure most will put two in two together with out needing a citation. There is a major divide going on in the sport and it is getting younger not older. I can tell you the response to our show and blog are 90% good and 10% bad. We just want an unbiased opinion on things. Why is it that RX gets all the first dibs at the news. If they weren't running the series, a track, the TV, and the media then I wouldn't have as many problems. The fact is they and the industry control what you read and when and that is why things never change. I don't blame Davy for what happens, but it is time to bring in some new ideas and they don't have to be mine. There is no way that happens with the current inbred infrastructure.
  9. Hippy

    Stewie to JGR and Reedy inked with...

    Reed Withdraws From Monster Energy Cup http://hippyandhick.blogspot.com/2011/09/reed-withdraws-from-monster-energy-cup.html
  10. Hippy

    Stewie to JGR and Reedy inked with...

    I've seen him too and he is pretty nutty. I will also point out we broke the Reed story first and our sources are not from Vital. We like to have fun and speculate like the rest but the blog has more than forum claim. We are always up for feedback and for the most part I think once you get to know us you see we are just normal dudes who used to race and some of us were lucky enough to have raced and worked with factory teams. I will tell you this. I am not the only contributor and I think you can tell a difference in my writing tones and what may be someone else's. Just saying. Listen to our show tonight and call in and tell us what you think. If no let us know why, if you think we are idiots let us know why. Finchy knows where to find us...8pm