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  1. dryalls

    DR200 blowing smoke at high rpm

    Thanks for your reply. I'm pretty sure it was machined properley, the only thing i havn't replaced is the piston, could this be damaging the cylinder somehow? I havn't actually ridden it since i've rebuilt it mostly just let is idle and have tried putting a few revs on but not much.
  2. dryalls

    DR200 blowing smoke at high rpm

    Hi guys, Still having trouble. I have bought a new cylinder and had it bored out to fit the oversize piston and honed at the engine reconditioning shop, new rings fitted, ring end gap increased to 0.3mm, new valve seals, reassembled still smokes quite abit. Does it need time to bed in and stop smoking or should it have stopped? I've had it running for about half an hour to an hour so far and still blowing smoke and doesn't stay running if i rev it up a bit then let idle??? Boy i'm having a mare.
  3. dryalls

    DR200 blowing smoke at high rpm

    hey guys, Quick update, I had the cylinder honed and fitted new rings. That made it even worse haha. Now have a new cylinder and its currently at the shop being bored out so will update with results. Cheers Dan
  4. dryalls

    DR200 blowing smoke at high rpm

    OK so I have ordered new valve stem oil seals, valve guides seem to have no play so will leave them for now. I have also noticed on the top of the piston it has '1.0' stumped on it. does this indicate it has an oversized piston??? I'm going to do one thing at a time so that way I can find out what is causing the smoke. If the valve stem seals don't solve the problem i'll be taking the cylinder off and doing the rings etc.
  5. dryalls

    DR200 blowing smoke at high rpm

    OK thanks, I'll order a set of rings and valve stem seals. Do i replace the bottom oil seal ring on the piston as well?
  6. dryalls

    DR200 blowing smoke at high rpm

    Ok thanks guys. Should I try this before worrying about the cylinder and piston? I'm just not sure why it only does it at high rpm??? when I had the cylinder off I could still see some of the criss cross pattern on parts of the bore and the piston looked ok, but i'm no expert.
  7. dryalls

    DR200 blowing smoke at high rpm

    Hi Guys, I new here. I have a 1987 DR200 that has just started blowing quite alot of smoke at high rpm, this started after I had the cylinder off and reinstalled, has this happened to anyone else? I'm thinking I will have to have the bore honed and the rings replaced. Does anyone have any thoughts???