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  1. Looking forward to it!
  2. So back to this thread, I've ridden the bike a fair bit with the carby set up as I mentioned previously. Without the bung it pulls very hard compared to the standard carb and seems to have very little hesitation out on the track, idling around the pits and on constant throttle is another story; very grumpy but I'm exclusively racing the thing now and not commuting. I'm just getting the bike ready for the next round of racing I'm doing and wanted to check back and see what advice you guys had given and give it a bash whilst I'm at the track so I've printed off a heap of what you guys suggested. With the 162 MJ in it pulls nice and clean at full throttle and certainly seems to have the ponies up top. The only problem I have had is when the bike isn't running (and sometimes when it is) it pisses fuel out of the bottom vent hose and one of the top vent hoses like it's going out of fashion, I've got it all pulled apart and I'm going to clean it all up to make sure it's not just something stuck in there. Putting the carby on and going back to a 15t front sprocket, I improved my time at Collingrove by 2 seconds compared to last year, Vids here: - Practice start against a WR450F and a YZ450F - Collingrove HillclimbThanks for all your advice guys, and a big thanks to Aussiedrzguy for helping me out with the throttle cable!
  3. I still find it phenomenal what you've done to your bike Luke
  4. Awesome! Cant wait to see it all back together
  5. Ive raced it a season already with no insert when it had the mikuni. Ive got the fcr to give it a bit more legs up top. When ive got my next trackday ill compare having the bung in and bung out but I doubt I would race with the bung in unless I have to for noise regs. The bike came with the staintune when I bought it four years ago, probs not the best outright power pipe but it sounds sweer as. I meant that the exhaust sounded louder with the fcr on, could just be my imagnation at 7pm in my little shed though. I realise today that I need to plumb the pcv valve pipe back into the intake airboot and probably set up a catch can for all the fuel vent hoses. It seems to vent a bit of fuel.
  6. Yeah, for most of my riding I will be, I found that the fcr makes the bike quite a bit louder. I forgot how deep it sounded with the bung in. When im racing it, not too sure. Depends how much difference it makes I guess.
  7. I havent not tried it I just havent got that far tuning it yet. I bought the 162 because no one I knew had one. Other jet sizes I can borrow. Im sorry if it seems im ignoring your advice or not following it. On the weekend im going to pick up some main jets from a friend, he has a 155, 158, 160. And ill give the 158 a go. Leaning out the main jet will give it less fuel at WOT, do you think this may also help the 1/4-1/2 throttle issue?
  8. Okaaaaaaaay, I learnt a bit today, when I got my jets and needles I bought a book on the Keihn Carbies. Exploded views help a lot when it comes to learning what each individual part is actually named. The carby as I got it was set up like this: 200 Main air jet 100 Pilot Air Jet 175 Main Jet OBDVR Needle -3 45 Slow/Pilot Jet 65 ---- Jet? - This runs on the other side of the main jet to the Pilot/Slow jet and I can't find it in the exploded view in the book or on any forums. I think it may be the Starter Jet? So it turns out I bought a bit of stuff that was already in the carby, but I guess I have spares *shrug* I'm going to run it like this for the first try 200 Main Jet 100 PAJ (Using the Pilot air screw mod for adjustability) 162 Main Jet (As recommended by show and go) EMR - 3 (As recommended by show and go) 45 Slow/Pilot Jet 65 - Whatever the hell jet this is. 2.25 turns out on the fuel screw (as recommended by show and go) I'm going with a lot of what Show and Go have recommended as they've sold parts to about 10 guys with the slant body FCR on DRZ400's and 90% of them ended up with a 162 main jet, EMR needle and a 45 Pilot and around 2-2.5 turns on the fuel screw. If it works, huzzah, if not, I'll keep playing. As they were out of stock on the R&D Flexjet to make the fuel screw easy to adjust I'm just going to have to dick around with it a bit and then once it's close I'll get it dyno'd to tidy it right up. Having ridden the thing now two things: 1 - Don't go down a dead-end street, as your first pass will surely bring out the pensioner types looking to dob in a motorcycling doing 2nd and 3rd gear roll-ons on their street. 2 - The carb feels pretty sweet! Slight hesitation on the bottom end but it's still pulling more than the mikuni would've, pulls hard all the way to the top of 3rd, which I don't think the mikuni had ever done, it's like it's given me an extra gear! It crackles a bit on the overrun, not as much as the mikuni did and it sounds like a different burble, but I do have the exhaust bung in to keep it a bit tamer for the streets. Looking at my little guidebook here, to get rid of the hesitation around 1/2-3/4 throttle there are several things that effect this area. Clip Position, Needle straight Diameter, Needle Taper and Main air jet, Main Jet. I'm thinking I try a different clip position on the EMR needle, I'm guessing it's bogging slightly because it's too rich? and to lean it out I would go up a clip space to increase the needle diameter between 1/2-3/4 throttle.... Does that sound right? The EMN needle would make it richer as it's a smaller diameter past 1/4 throttle.....thus more fuel... the gears are working in my brain! Thanks for you input guys, it steered me in the right direction. I should also add I cable tied the AP arm together, I'm experiencing just about no lag or bog when I go WOT from low revs.
  9. I went to show and go today as I finished work early because of the heat. I purchased the EMR and EMN needles as these seem to work well in Adelaide, 160 main jet, 200 main air jet, a fuel air screw and a 45 pilot jet. I'll see how it all works over the weekend I guess. Thanks for all your input guys!
  10. Hopefully I'll get over to broadford at some point this year and have a gander. Looks the goods!
  11. The carby came to me without the coast enrichener, I don't believe the tubes are joined though.... I'll lockwire the AP sometime in the next week when I borrow the lockwire pliers from work. With all the boots and clamps on it runs much better. I pulled the carby apart and it has these settings: 38 Pilot Jet 65 Pilot Air Jet 175 Main Jet OBDVR Needle, 3rd clip. The fuel screw was almost fully closed, so I gave that 2.5 turns out. I'm going to do some shopping Saturday morning and see what I can find
  12. Hello all! The Laurie Boulter Solo & Hec Henderson Sidecar Collingrove Hillclimb is on again this year. This year it's on the 17th of March, 2013 at the infamous Collingrove Hillclimb track. Last year it was an awesome event with everyone setting a cracking pace up the hill and it made for great riding and brilliant spectating. All disciplines are encouraged to enter: Motorcycles (modern, classic, supermoto), Sidecars and Quads. It will again incorporate the first round of the South Australia Supermoto Race Series with points on offer for each run up the hill to those entered in the series. The Atujara club are very proud to be putting it on again and look forward to seeing you there! Supplementary Regulations and Entry Forms: Supp Regs can be found here and further details can be gained by posting your questions on here or emailing See you there!
  13. Shall do, I didn't have time at lunch but I'll give them a ring tomorrow and see what all this is worth. Are you in Adelaide?