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  1. I know how much room I need for a pit. But you're also talking to a guy who does his rebuilds in his living room. I'm used to being cramped. I've never hit up the Desert 100 (google-ing now ;-) ).
  2. I see. So payouts for more then just first place. Good idea.
  3. How much room do you need to function as a pit?
  4. Okay, I only know of one other promotor, but I'll give them a call. A friend of mine is an EMP, so he could cut the cost a little; I should talk to him. $100 is so much more doable. But man, need a lot more riders to cover the cost. I'm gonna do some more asking around the community here to see what I can do. You guys are awesome!
  5. Alrighty, guys. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to lower the operational cost of the race. Maybe I'll try to move the pits from the campground to a piece of private property. I'll come back to this topic after I change a few things. Thanks for your responses!
  6. Yeah, bud. I was hoping to do way less, but i have to pay insurance, hire EMP's and an ambulance, rent a Campground, cover advertising, etc. And I'm gonna need to pay the track personel posted throughout the route, which is very, very long. Don't for get about their equipment like radios (about twenty), security to watch the pits at night and clean up. Riding with your buddy's in the woods is cheep; Organizing 50-100 riders isn't.
  7. Hey Guys, I've been really itching for a competitive, higher-stakes, off-road race so folks like me (unsponsored riders) can really have some fun. The only problem is there aren’t any races like that near me. I've heard this echoed from a few fellow riders so I figure it’s time to make something like this happen. I won’t know the details until about February, but I wanted to let you guys know early. Here is what we have so far: $5000.00 Grand Prize Race is planned for June/July Two days of racing Location will be about 80 miles west of Seattle There is a Entry fee of $500 per team to cover operational and promotional cost There is only room for 50 teams in the pits And, seriously, Guys, let me know if I’m crazy. ---------------------------------------EDIT---------------------------------------- Found a large hay-field I can use instead of the campground. That saves a lot of money. The entry fee should be closer to $200.00.
  8. Spare Parts

    somebody explain HOW TO WHIP???? PLZ

    Step 1: Jump Step 2: Almost die Step 3: Don't die Step 4: Act like you did it on purpose
  9. Spare Parts

    It happens to the best of us...

    No. But I've been talked to. Ever had you bike seize at 70 MPH?
  10. Spare Parts

    What a clown check out this video.

    Ten seconds in I gaged. No Joke.
  11. Spare Parts

    It happens to the best of us...

    Nope. Has your new bike ever blown a few days after you brought it home?
  12. Spare Parts

    Possible supermoto convert-- But I need some guidance.

    Replace? No. Out do? Sometimes. You'll beat most anyone on the twistys. A sport might beat you to 60 by a second, but 0-60 times aren't everything. A SM that is build right is an amazing machine. Don't expect to cook around at 100Mph, they don't do that. Expect to ride some wheelies, hop some curbs and shred some twistys. Worried about fuel? Buy a bigger tank. The DRZ is tried and true. More aftermarket parts as well.
  13. Spare Parts

    Funny story about a bearing or a rock

    I cringe when my bike makes those noises... I'm glad your bike is still rollin'! Keep it real.
  14. Spare Parts

    Extra nut after rebuild, where does it go?

    We all have a few spare parts...
  15. Spare Parts

    YZ 250 buyers guide (I just need some help)

    Wow, thanks! This info will help a lot! I have a YZ 125 as well. This will be a trail build.