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  1. They are certainly pretty awesome!! Glad you like the build... Believe it or not there's still more to come
  2. Something that comes to mind is that you really shouldn't have to have a significant hold on the grips as your legs should be squeezing the bike...leaving your hands 'loose'and finger free hovering over to be ready to act on clutch and brake.......
  3. To me the ktm feels more like a high revving motor-that's ktm happy point I like a good bottom end since I ride in C grade levels
  4. Moving on from the engine department....who here agrees that the suspension components are the best in the class in stock form? Obviously sprung for weight etc
  5. Is it really that bad......? I'm sure that I could move the power curve to hit a bit hard off the bottom over stock... I still own my tuner.... Obviously these motors have little inertia and require rpm to build up and sort of 'hit' ( I'm tired can't be bothered with technical terms ).... I'm not expecting the hit of the 450 big brother that is just explosive!!
  6. I personally feel that a finger on the clutch is essential.... You know you need it to regulate the power to the ground... Having your finger on the front brake is matter of choice however pulling in the front brake accidentally can be really bad... In sections on the track where I feel I will not need my front brake I have my fingers GENTLY wrapped around the throttle ( basically don't squeeze the grips too hard ) and will move one finger to the brake entering a section I need the brakes and it will remain there until I exit the section. Sight laps should be a good time to 'plan' your lines and think about braking and where it's necessary. Ruts and trail braking require fingers on the clutch and brake although you should not 'need' the clutch in a rut unless you get caught out and need to get out of trouble.... Whoops/sand sections/jumps clutch is a great tool. I found it a good skill to start developing brake tapping by having a finger on the clutch all the way up the jump face then pull in the clutch and release it with a crack of the throttle to land smooth... I gain a lot of confidence in clutch use with this...
  7. Hahaha!! So beside the fact that I'm pretty set on a YZ250f I think I've ruled out the issues and still happy with the bike. I did remember some mention issues with the shift stop or something like that?? Did that change in 2015??
  8. You do realise you are all just persuading me to buy this bike lol
  9. Maybe I'm just strange but I kinda like a weaker front brake.... A braided line and oversized rotor will fix that! Hmm no bottom... I guess that is a fairly personal thing, some may like it and rev it off its face and others might like some grunt down low. I'm sure if it was a big issue a flywheel weight would help...
  10. I also believe the Yamaha offering is a level above the rest with the 250f!!!!! An outstanding bike not just by 'shoot out' standards either lol
  11. Btw how often do you change your oil? I just went by the manual and hit 12.5 hours on my 450 before dropping the oil...never burnt a drop of oil... I measured what came out and afar went in......
  12. I do a lot of engine builds and LOTS of bike maintenance for friends and family... A few months ago I would have dropped the cash on a new one without thinking twice! But you know how it goes...bad news travels much faster than good..... I hope that if I drop the cash on a nice new one it'll serve me well as a bike I take out for rode every so often... My 450 class was too competitive! Perhaps a less powerful machine will reignite my 'fun factor' in riding again I guess that from new these bikes are very good.... I think I'm most drawn to the Kayaba SSS suspension as a key point for any motocrosser.... I also like the feel of the bikes as I'm taller (6.2 and 78+/- kg). I'm not much of a hard clutch user but how has the clutch held up for you so far? Lol I still have the power tuner from my last Yamaha
  13. I'm a believer in low pressure washing for the 'sensitive' areas...high pressure for the rest. I've never had water issues before and wondered if Yamaha had done the cheap on these with poor looms...water on connectors is one thing but I thought worse things were happening... Lol! I think my main concern is just motor reliability....everything else about the YZ250 I like
  14. I think it would be important to note that we ( cousin and I ) are C level riders and hope that it'll last a bit longer if we aren't maxing out the revs like the faster guys.... I've always greased linkages etc. Im guessing you are talking me back into believing the yamahas are still a very reliable machine
  15. So essentially the major issues have been isolated? I cannot find any 2014/2015 YZ 250F on my local classifieds and I see heaps of them at the tracks!! Must be a good sign(!?!?) as I'm sure if they were bad people would be unloading them fast! Have you had any start issues after washing? Apparently water getting into the wires seems an issue? Bad TPS? Water in cylinder through air box?