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  1. up and riding with the big gun cdi...will get oem cdi later. thanks for all the help trouble shooting
  2. Waiting for the CDI to arrive
  3. Here are my OEM cdi box options: CDI UNIT | DR-Z400EY/EK1/EK2/EK3/EK4 E3/E28 CDI UNIT | DR-Z400Y/K1/K2/K3/K4 E3 CDI UNIT | DR-Z400 EK4 E33 As stated in the previous of this thread, I have a 2002 drz 400s...I rewired with oem wiring harness for a drz 400e...had it running and working well, but it the procom cdi has appeared to fail after going through the trouble shooting. Out of the oem cdi boxes I listed which one should I choose and what is different besides the price? Thanks for the help
  4. Ok guys I have done as all of you have prescribed, still no spark ( not even at the initial press of the starter as before). I guess my CDI box is bad...I need a replacement OEM CDI. Where is the best place to find this part? Thanks
  5. Hello Noble, I have an OEM wiring harness. The 2 grounds check out ok. So I have power on the orange wire and I am corectly grounded. Hello Eddie, Sorry to be so ignorant...How do I "jumper" the E model kill switch connector? All, Where do you guys recommend picking up an OEM CDI box? I think we are narrowing down the problem...and I am ready to get the bike on the trails again. Best regards
  6. Noble, I have 12 volts on the orange wire. Kill switch open contact (black with yellow stripe wire). Where do you recommend putting the ground? on the wire harness side or on the kill switch side? the connector for the kill switch is located near my spark plug coil...can I splice a wire in right there and ground with the coil?
  7. Junure, so you had a bad experience with procom cdi?
  8. Thanks Noble (and Marquez for verification)...you are good guys! I have a E wiring harness (at least that what I purchased). When look down on top of the big plug when it is plugged into the cdi and if you were standing behind the rear fender the color of wiring are as follows left to right : top row - orange, empty, black w/ white stripe, white wire. bottom row- yellow, blue, empty black w/yellow stripe wire. this thing is turning into a money pit...ouch...but any rate I am this far into lets get an oem cdi. can you give me the best place/reference where I should purchase the OEM CDI? I noticed on ebay they have a big gun cdi, what is their reputation? As always grateful for the help. Best regards
  9. No green wire going into the large plug, only green from pickup coil to small plug going into the cdi.
  10. Thanks guys. I have checked the stator install...all wires are hidden under the brackets and out of harms way. I did a ohms check with green and blue wires from pick up coil coming out of stator it was in spec (300-600). I checked black and white wires coming from pick up coils .05-.2, appears to be ok. I did a continuity check on every wire on the wiring harness, checked out ok. Checked ignition switch ok, checked kill switch ok, checked starter switch ok, clutch switch is wired together seems to be ok. I have a procom high rev cdi, this cdi box is suppose to work with E or S models. I am going to have a look at the green wire on the larger plug now. I will report back. However, I did a ignition coil primary peak voltage test ( as described in clymer chapter 9 page 195). I followed the step by step instruction...no voltage output. What CDI would you recommend for my bike now? As stated earlier went from a S model to wired like an E model. It worked for a couple rides...but now it appears that may not have been the right thing to do...I just wanted the bike a simple as possible with less working parts. Are these bikes fickle? I go from one spark...to now nothing...wow this is frustrating. Again, thanks for your input...I hope you guys can help me get this beast up and running again.
  11. Hello All, I am new to TT. Glad to find a source of useful info. I have this project drz 400 2002 (originally a s model but I am converting to an e). The bike worked great after I replaced the cdi, wiring harness, kill switch and starter switch (reason for this is another story at another time). Went for a ride with my buddies...bike was working like a charm. Then when I was 2.5 hours into our ride my headlite went out. Turned the bike off for a breather went to restart blew a huge flame...then would not restart. Towed it home. Pulled the plug a little wet and black. Did a spark test no spark. Ordered new coil, new spark plug, new battery, new rectifier, and new stator. So basically I have new electrical system. Doubled check everything (according to clymer). I hit the starter get a big blue beautiful arc at the press of the starter button...motor continues to rotate and no more spark. I am lost? Am I over looking something simple? Where I work it's hard t get help...I appreciate any useful insight. Thanks to all.