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  1. ohiochiro

    24 volt starting for gncc

    awesome video
  2. ohiochiro

    24 volt starting for gncc

    thanks betarocker i look forward to a diagram . i was thinking something likethat.
  3. ohiochiro

    24 volt starting for gncc

    Yes that is what I have heard. Are you saying both batteries after the solenoid ? Or before? Thanks
  4. ohiochiro

    24 volt starting for gncc

    Hey guys thanks for the reply first of all no I do not have a kick starter it is totally pushbutton start. When you look at the GNCC races they are very fast off the line. I have heard that you put the first battery in between the switch for the starter and the relay so that it powers the second battery and the first battery does not charge . You have to charge it separately and the second battery works as normal. So it only is 24 V to the starter for extra juice. I haven't actually confirmed that this is how you do it and I was curious if anybody had actually rigged it up that way. It is one of those stories that trickles down from rider to rider and I'm not sure if there's any truth to it.
  5. i did a search but didnt find exactly what i was looking for. have a ktm450 2015 cannot get a faststart from dead engine. I haveheard of using twobatteries in series. Anybody know exactly how to do this? Where the first battery is placed? thank you
  6. Lost my crank and need to split the cases. Anyone know if you can remove the motor without removing the the head or jug? It looks tight. Have you actually done it? Thanks Robert
  7. ohiochiro

    Frozen swingarm

    Well I tried the ar hammer for 30 minutes no luck . I have been laying it on its side and spraying it. I will try the Airkroil? Keep the ideas coming , I think I am screwed and will have to drill it out but now I am pissed!
  8. ohiochiro

    Frozen swingarm

    Hammered my arm off ! Small sledge 8 lb did not move the swingarm bolt
  9. ohiochiro

    Frozen swingarm

    So I traded my yz 250 for a 2010 yz 450. Long story short , swingarm frozen in the cases. Suspension works fine no hang ups. Tried soaking it pb blaster, liqued wrench, ammonium. Tried heating with oxy/ act torch it will not move. 1 thinking of taking it to bike shop putting it in 20 ton press, anybody done it? 2 carefully drilling into swing arm and installing zerk fittings while swingarm is still on the bike. Won't help the cases but least I can lube it. Anybody done that? 3 forget about it trade it in a year, but obviously telling the new owner. 4 cut through the swingarm bolt drill out the bushing on the case make it new again. Anybody done that? Any tips are welcome