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  1. Jerry344

    no lights

    Thanks Sean. I've found the cause last week, but couldn't reply earlier. The tail light connector + the light bulb were sprinkled with solder residue causing a short. The previous owner installed a cheep LED light bulb style backlight of dubious quality. I've cleaned the socket and the bulb with PCB / flux cleaner and reinstalled everything. Works like a charm. Next thing I have to do is to rebuild the carb, but that's a diffrent story and I'm currently waiting for parts... Thanks again!
  2. Jerry344

    no lights

    Found the problem. 10A fuse was blown (on the front / right hand side just under the front dash board). Don't know how this happend. Swaped it and now it works perfectly. Remaining problem: Tail lights. Way to dim. Either a ground problem or a connection issue / corroded connectors.
  3. Jerry344

    no lights

    Hi turk, any luck? Can't help you atm, just stumbled upon this thread because I'm having the same issues with my recently purchased 2001 Adventure. Have you tried turning the ignition fully on, setting the high beam and activating the headlight flasher. This results in my case in an active spedo, turn signals working - but no luck with the tail light...