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  1. I love riding my KTM 500 EXC on the road, with sticky road tires and a large fuel tank. Extremely nimble and controllable . Don't be put off by people who think that only a heavy bike is safe on the highway, if you are skilled at off road riding, 18 wheelers are easy an easy challenge. Vibration is a big problem.
  2. Brunospeaks

    KTM 500 EXC 2013

    I've had this bike from new. Broken it in as per manual. It runs like a dream. No issues, no problems at all. I had the dealer, who is a racing pro, strip off all useless stuff. Perfect. installed the fastest, raciest chip, and now I own the my dream bike. It looses one star because of the saddle, it's hard, and of course the vibration, but that is to be expected
  3. Brunospeaks

    Attention Broken collarbone patients

    decieved looks a incorrect also. :-) Maybe the hospital will buy a new spell-check? B
  4. I'm new to TT, and have only a few thousand kms of DS under my butt, so finding your extensive work, so well laid out is amazing. Now I have to find the best type of workshop manual for this WRR. Thanks once again.
  5. Brunospeaks

    Is the wr250r the best small bore ds bike?

    Finding the perfect bike is like finding the perfect mate, - not possible. For me, the WRR is a great, all-rounder.
  6. I found a dead, beheaded, skinned, deer? dressed in women's clothing ! (and prior to that time, I thought that I was weird ! , compared to that, I now think that I'm normal! ).
  7. Brunospeaks

    Do all dirt bike riders get injured?

    I ride for the fun and adrenalin rush. Yes, I fall off, sometimes it hurts a little, sometimes it hurts a lot. BUT, I'm over sixty, so -- I say, "die young, and have a good looking corpse".