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  1. I love riding my KTM 500 EXC on the road, with sticky road tires and a large fuel tank. Extremely nimble and controllable . Don't be put off by people who think that only a heavy bike is safe on the highway, if you are skilled at off road riding, 18 wheelers are easy an easy challenge. Vibration is a big problem.
    I've had this bike from new. Broken it in as per manual. It runs like a dream. No issues, no problems at all. I had the dealer, who is a racing pro, strip off all useless stuff. Perfect. installed the fastest, raciest chip, and now I own the my dream bike. It looses one star because of the saddle, it's hard, and of course the vibration, but that is to be expected
  2. decieved looks a incorrect also. :-) Maybe the hospital will buy a new spell-check? B
  3. I'm new to TT, and have only a few thousand kms of DS under my butt, so finding your extensive work, so well laid out is amazing. Now I have to find the best type of workshop manual for this WRR. Thanks once again.
  4. Finding the perfect bike is like finding the perfect mate, - not possible. For me, the WRR is a great, all-rounder.
  5. I found a dead, beheaded, skinned, deer? dressed in women's clothing ! (and prior to that time, I thought that I was weird ! , compared to that, I now think that I'm normal! ).
  6. I ride for the fun and adrenalin rush. Yes, I fall off, sometimes it hurts a little, sometimes it hurts a lot. BUT, I'm over sixty, so -- I say, "die young, and have a good looking corpse".