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  1. At this point I want another surgery to remove the scar tissue, becasue I believe my problem is arthrofibrosis. However, i have been told that a second surgery could just make me much worst. Has anybody had the surgery to remove scar tissue or has anyone had experience with arthrofibrosis? I'd like to know more about the procedure, I do not want to live like this the rest of my life and I hope there is something that can be done for me Thanks
  2. Thanks for responding, it means alot to me. I am currently waiting for a second opinion Does your guys operated knee go back as far as your other knee? mine hurts when i try to hyper extend it also clicks and pops. My surgeon says its not supposed to hyper extend thanks again Joe
  3. Also, my surgeon who operated on my a year and a half ago...who I continue to go back and tell him my problems. He keeps saying "it's not supposed to hyper extend joe" and he looked at my x rays and mri and says im fine. If my leg never hyper extends again than i will never be able to stand comfortably again. I know that is not right. Dr. Mark says it is very important you have exactly the same extension as your other knee, which makes total sense to me...am i missing something? and is there something that can be done for my hyper extension? thanks again Joe
  4. Hey everyone, i am new here so bare with me please. I am a 24 year old male who used to be very active and athletic. I had acl meniscus surgery a year and a half ago and it seems I still don't have full extension. My operated knee does not go back as far as my good knee and it hurts to try and force it back. Because of this I am unable to stand comfortably and even walking hurts along with many other movements. I am now wondering if my graft was misplaced causing my knee to be too tight and not work properly, because it is so stiff and I can just feel that it is not right. Either my graft is misplaced or I have arthrofibrosis because of not doing extension excercises properly to begin with. I am wondering what you guys think it may be or if anyone has been through this torture before? Is it scar tissue that has hardened and not allowing me to lock my knee back or a mis placed graft? I have x ray pictures if anyone knows by looking at the tunnel placements or whatever I am in a deep depression as I can not return to my career (heating and air conditioning) on this painful stiff knee, any responses I recieve I will really appreciate. I hope there is something that can be done for me also, I read alot about Dr. Mark who seems to be very knowledgable, and a stand up guy. Have any of you travelled to see him for such problems, Im wondering what were your experiences like with dr.Mark? thanks so much for your time Joe