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  1. Shouldn't you have masked that up before ya got it PC'd
  2. When it's put together put up some pics!
  3. How'd you rebuild the engine? Or did you rebuild the engine? I'm trying to figure out if parts from other bikes will work like an xr250/xr400 because it's hard to find anything for it
  4. That is by far one of the nicest first gens I have seen. Is there any way to tell a 98 from a 99 besides graphics (which are mostly gone on these era bikes)
  5. That's the finished product, has anyone done there top shock mount different? More reinforcing in that area?
  6. Wait what? Never heard of it post up some pics
  7. Your rings... Make sure the valves are seated in the head as well a solvent test should help ya on that
  8. Also the frame has to be modified (an upper shock mount added ) I used a 10.5 inch fast ace shock. I was trying to do it with out any frame modification but when lining it all up it just wasent feasible.
  9. The frame spars on the crf were 120 mm end to end, while the distance in between the mx was only 99 mm. I can't remember exactly but I think I cut around 11.5 mm from each side used the crf70 swing arm bushings since they have an o.d. Of 24mm and I.d. Of 10mm and fit perfect in the kx60 swing arm. Then since I used a 84 swing arm everything just bolted up with the use of spacers (washers). Sorry I couldn't be of more help it is a fairly straight forward swap, just I'm a wee bit anal about the finite details and I will probably do another that's to my expectations
  10. Nice bike! Did it come with an ohv title or was it already an mc title?
  11. Check the end of the shift drum under the shift star
  12. Awesome build very awesome build
  13. Have you looked into REM coatings for the tranny gears, haven't done it to my bike yet but it's supposed to help a lot with wear
  14. Red is the most course scotch brute followed by gray less course and gold is much finer
  15. Never heard of it but "steps" in the intake tract is never a good thing, as air gets hotter it also becomes sticky <--- probably not the best word to use. Go for it see what happens, worse comes to worse you can always switch back to the stocker.