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  1. diverm

    2003 suzuki dr 650 se

    hello I need to know front dics part number,where can ı learn thanks
  2. diverm


    ı have 2003 suzuki dr 650 se. how ı can learn front disc number thanks
  3. diverm

    suzuki dr650s 2003

    helloo I HAVE 2003 suzuki dr 650s. I need front and rear tire seals. If somoones helps me ll be glad. REGARD
  4. diverm

    yamaha wr250 r

    thank you ı tought have a problem but this indicator dont turn on that like before
  5. diverm

    yamaha wr250 r

    my problem,when ı do on bike key all indicator are tourn on after 5 second off thats is normalbut when ı push on start button engine trouble indicator on then off.Engine is starting very well. I dont understand why trouble indicator on then off. So everyting is working very well. .
  6. diverm

    yamaha wr250 r

    thank you already everyting is waorking well its turning on just push start button then off
  7. diverm

    yamaha wr250 r

    ım from iskenderun my name is mahmut kaya and you
  8. diverm

    yamaha wr250 r

    helloo ı have 2012 yamaha wr250 r how can ı make format display thank you
  9. diverm

    yamaha wr250 r

    hi everybody ı m from turkey have 2012 yamaha wr250r. I have noticed today, after ı make on key all indicator turn on then turn off, but when ı puch at start button engine trouble indicator on then off.Engine is working normal,but why this indicator on then off . if somonnes halp me ll be glad thank you
  10. diverm

    DR650 engine life expectancy

    Hİ I had 2007 drz before , then bought 2003 dr650 its very nice.it run 20000 km still and good looking.there is no new dr in turkey,its very fast for offroad.Ishould change chain kit.
  11. snowy day enduro from turkey [/img]
  12. diverm

    hello large fuel tank

    yes looking good 46 hp ı changed alot of things , just need a large tank