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  1. mxsjw

    Feedback on Dirty Poker Run

    What was the topic of this thread again? I think there needs to be some better planning. People way off course, no prizes, huge turnout, not planned well.
  2. mxsjw

    Witnessed a hero today...

    Showed up at the scene also, with the State Patrol and the owners of the property. That young woman gave it all she had, hero indeed.
  3. mxsjw

    Oil change bleed screw??

    When checking for pressure, it only takes a tiny bit of oil seeping from the copper o-ring. Start the motor, open very slowly, if it is seeping, you have pressure, close it and you are done. On the other hand, if you turn that bolt a full rotation and there is no oil seepage, shut her down, and find out why there is no oil pressure. Hope that helped, Shane
  4. Any one know the conditions, it there still snow up top? Thinking of hitting Evan's on Saturday.
  5. mxsjw

    My Desert 100 experience

    [quote name= That dog probably wouldn't have tasted good anyway.[/quote] Wrong! The dog was one of the best I ever had, I wanted seconds, but changed my mind thinking that eating 2 would be taking someone else's.
  6. Full DRD, Holy crap, HOLD ON
  7. mxsjw

    '06 250F LE Desert ready

    If you have the YZ order a WR petcock, the WRs mount right up to the fuel tank and have a reserve. Shane
  8. mxsjw

    Riding Near Tacoma / Graham, WA

    The "used to be" is the place they are talking about. It is sorta legal to ride, there are people there every weekend, but the neighbors get pissed. It is just a bunch of trails under the powerlines and a small track (if you call a couple of bumps in a circle a track), good for putting around, but my brother in law and I were bored after an hour. I would just drive the extra 15 minutes to Evans Creek, you will not be disappointed. BigCat and I have met up there in the past. Shane
  9. mxsjw

    Anyone Else Going To Be At Blue Lake On Sat.

    Bunch of buddies are heading to GP forest on 9/10/05. Anyone else going to be there? For sure it is me on a 03 YZ250F and one guy on an 04 DRZ400 Shane
  10. Bunch of buddies are heading to GP forest on 9/10/05. Anyone else going to be there? For sure it is me on a 03 YZ250F and one guy on an 04 DRZ400 Shane
  11. mxsjw

    YZ250F Warranty

    I know sometimes the shop you purchase it at will offer a warranty
  12. mxsjw

    Socket sixe for rear axle nut?

    Can I use a large standard screwdriver and a hammer?
  13. mxsjw

    saw U @ blue lake

    Yeah thought that might have been some of us TTers. That was my brother in law, we try to just beat the S out of ourselves. Just after we saw you guys, I ended up in a creek, missed a turn into a bridge. Shane
  14. mxsjw

    Vac. in Wash near Eatonville

    Elbe hills (not so good) 45 min from Eatonville. Gifford Pinchot (really good) 75 min from Eatonville. these are the two closest that I know of. Shane
  15. mxsjw

    saw U @ blue lake

    I think we saw you too. We passed by around Mouse lake. We were YZ20F, YZ450F and a Honda 450F Quad. Shane