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  1. I did oil every 5 hrs, check valves 15 hrs. When I took it apart the cylinder looked good and piston looked pretty good to. When breaking in new piston is it ok to use motul 4t oil?. I think it's a semi synthetic
  2. I just rebuild my 11 kx250f with 50hrs on it and I didn't hone the cylinder is this a big problem? Should I tear it down and hone the cylinder? I'm guessing I should prob tear it down and hone the cylinder. Thanks
  3. I just heard from the dealership they said there is a pinched valve seal from the factory. They are going to fix it and give it back to me in a couple days. Still sucks
  4. I've used the WC one. I'll get it again for the new bike.
  5. I looked over the bike before I went to but the one thing I didnt look at was the oil. With the window on the kawi I just figured it was a no brainer when it came to putting filling it.
  6. Will they need to fix the o ring or gasket on the weep hole before I ride it again?
  7. Not sure if you got my last pm.
  8. Yeah I was there @ around 1. I did about 6 laps then noticed the oil and left.
  9. I do my own wrenching, I wanted to set the bike up myself but they wouldn't let me for liability reasons. I would never take it there for actual work.
  10. sure did. They were the same price as going to Alberta. Thought I'd give them a shot. Are they the shits or what?
  11. The bike is there right now. They are calling kawi on Monday I just want to here what everyone else says just in case they try to feed me some BS
  12. Hello I am new to this site but have been a fan for awhile. I now have a question to be answered. I just bought a new 2011 kx250f and was at the track breaking it in riding fairly hard. I noticed alot of oil when I parked it coming out the weep hole. Checked the oil level the dealership put in and it was way high. I did about 6 decently hard laps like that. Could there be some damage done to the bike riding it with that much oil in it for breakin?