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  1. coastalriderchris

    01cr250 woods suspension

    Thanks again, but where does someone find out how to tune fork pistons and shims?I can ship them out to a shop but I will be just as stupid when I get them back.
  2. coastalriderchris

    01cr250 woods suspension

    Thanks, I will try the lighter fork springs and re check the race/static sag after overhauling my linkage. I am quite sure the bike is stock. Does anyone know a good source for shims? How are the race tech gold valves?
  3. coastalriderchris

    01cr250 woods suspension

    Hi, does anyone have any experience dialing in a 01 Honda cr250 (2st) for techanical woods riding? I weigh 150lbs, the biggest problems are deflection in slower rocky sections even with the compresion clickers all the way out. I am only using 2/3 of my fork travel. Should I go to lighter springs? Do I need to change both fork and shock springs? I want to get this bike dialed because I really like the motor.