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  1. RiverRight


    I'm after the parts fiche for the BAMD30.
  2. RiverRight


    Too right I'm interested. But the site now says the files are deleted because of copyright!! Am I doing it right??
  3. RiverRight

    slaughtering an XR250RY

    I'm not familiar with the model designation xr250RY. Would you mind taking off the seat and telling me what the label on the top subframe tube (left side) says. I would be happy to relieve you of lots of parts if it is a xr250Y (note no second R), but I suspect its not.
  4. RiverRight

    Wider foot pegs

    Pivot Pegz are worthy. Buy them in the States (multiple places). $180 delivered to my door for the mk3. Pivot Pegz RRP is crazy in AUS - this has had wide exposure.
  5. RiverRight

    Why No E start for early XR's, XL's?

    Electric start xr250 's were made from about 1997 to about 2007. Mine is designated a xr250y. They were made for the Japanese and Australian markets and eventually exported to at least to UK and some African countries. E-start is very overrated IMHO - I couldnt be bothered in a bike that starts well off the kicker.
  6. RiverRight

    Startin probs XR 350 after rebuild

    Welcome to dirt riding.
  7. RiverRight

    xr250 big bore

    Thanx Gents. Lessons learned: . Big bore reliable esp 77m/277cc . Dont use powroll, perhaps favor Wiseco over JE . Dont go assuming xr400 is same as xr250
  8. Yep. That occurred to me too. Cometic are an American company. They have a technical hotline. Judging from their website, I would be surprised if they are not helpful. Please let us know the outcome.
  9. RiverRight

    xr250 big bore

    Gotta laugh! I believe I'm talking to you over at DBW.
  10. RiverRight

    xr250 big bore

    I have a 2002 xr250y (BAmd30) which is a frankenstein xr250r (of similar vintage) and old xr250L parts eg starter motor, battery, passenger footpegs. I ride trails and do a bit of rock hopping. I dont race, I am a conservative rider, 220lbs ready to ride. I've done the Gordon mods with the exception of the snorkel, water crossings being a constant of my riding. I'm looking for a little more power to push my bulk around and maybe get me off the 12 tooth front sprocket that I use as a substitute for grunt. Most people say a big bore kit is the way to go with these bikes, but I've been warned off it by a forum back home. They vaguely warn about extra stresses on the little (big?) end and seizures and stuff but I dont really know how hard bikes were pushed to achieve this result. Anyway, it is my understanding that the xr250 and xr400 are essentially the same beyond the cylinder i.e. its already strong enough to handle 400cc. I can get good deals at the moment on both Wiseco & JE pistons. I would go as big as I can without sleeving the cylinder - so between 277 & 285cc. With the Wiseco I can also get a good deal on a stage 1 cam, and would be mighty tempted to do so. Powroll is another alternative. What risk am I taking with these mods, assuming they are applied to professional standard? There seem to be a lot of people happy out there with their big bores. Do they all come unstuck later?
  11. RiverRight

    Should I buy one of 'em? - XR250

    If you were in Oz it might cost $2000 (dependent on a heap of variables). You wont find a near 20 year old bike that requires less maintenance IMHO.