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  1. If you do buy one from the seller, let us know if you actually got what you paid for.
  2. $8800 OTD after all bullshit fees and a set of gear. worth $390 on motorcycle superstore. Thought I did alright seeing as it's the only Kawi dealer within 100 miles, let only the only 2012 KX450F in town.
  3. Where are you getting the 1080p for $150? I'd grab a few more at that price.
  4. Right... because MXers always crash while running and tripping over an obstacle. Doesn't even look like his head made solid contact with the ground. He could have not worn a helmet and would have been fine. Looks like his hips took the brunt of the fall. Where is this guy's ninja tuck and roll skills?
  5. I picked up the 1080p version so I can use the 720p @ 60 fps. Much smoother than @ 30 fps.