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  1. dfwhockey17

    Brake pedal fitment questions

    Well the used '04 YZ450 brake pedal I bought on eBay showed up today and shy of having a more stout return spring boss, it is identical...Looks like time to order some stuff from Hammerhead!
  2. dfwhockey17

    Brake pedal fitment questions

    Thank you for the suggestion. I have read of people swapping out brake pedals from the 4 strokes to 2 strokes and from early model years to late model years with success despite the differing part numbers. I was hoping someone would have tried this already. I may just buy a used 450 pedal off eBay and then compare it to the ones I have off my 426's before setting up an account with hammerhead to order parts that may not fit....As always, thank you gentlemen! Cheers, Trent
  3. Does anyone know if a brake pedal from a YZ426F will fit on a steel frame YZ450F, or vice versa? I am looking at the Hammerhead pedals and they list '02-'09 YZ450F as years of fitment. We know they didn't make a 450F in '02 and a phone call to them resulted in zero help towards the answer to the question. I don't mind making some slight modifications if necessary but want to know if I will be better than "In the ballpark" before dropping the coin on one. As always, thank you for your help with my questions. Cheers, Trent
  4. dfwhockey17

    Ktm best looking bike

    Here you go then... http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/228345-best-looking-bike-contest/
  5. dfwhockey17

    2000 YZ426F upgrade questions

    I have a set of 3 flywheel weights that would fit your bike...They are 6oz,8oz and 10oz I believe, brand new made by Zip Ty racing and repackaged by MSR. They come with the hardware and instructions for install. PM me if interested and maybe we can work something out... Cheers, Trent
  6. I spoke with Dave at Smart Performance and I think we got it figured out....He is going to order in some parts from Japan and confirm they will work for my situation. As always, thank you for the advice. Cheers, Trent
  7. Good evening everyone, Let me first say thank you in advance for any and all help with my minor issue, all info will be greatly appreciated. I have a shock off of a 2002 YZ426F that I am turning into a motard bike. I am planning on having the shock body anodized while I have it apart for rebuild. Getting it apart was not much of an issue except for waiting for the compression adjuster tool to get the adjuster out of the shock body. It appears one of the previous owners tried to remove it at one point with maybe a set of channel-locks or vise-grips and mangled the aluminum on the adjuster. I want to find a replacement that doesn't look all beat up to replace it with. So, my questions to the suspension gurus are: 1. Where could I find a new one if at all possible? 2. What other bikes used a shock that used this same adjuster? 3. Will an adjuster from a newer or different KYB shock fit on mine? (Are they a standard diameter/thread pitch?) Again, thank you for the help with this, I am sure there will be more questions to follow. Cheers, Trent
  8. dfwhockey17

    yz400f/426 question

    I have a set of (3) flywheel weights for yz400/426 bikes. They are new and made by zip ty racing, sold under the MSR brand in the Tucker Rocky catalog years ago. PM me if interested..... Cheers, Trent
  9. dfwhockey17

    Are yz 426 and yz450 header pipes the same ??

    Great, thank you for the response! Cheers, Trent
  10. dfwhockey17

    Showa forks on Yamaha

    Thank you all for the input on this topic that I dug up. With the advice from Gray I just pulled the trigger on a set of forks and triples from an '07 450f that I will have done up the way I want for my motard project. With that said, I am now looking for input on a place other than the major suspension shops to have the outer tubes re-anodized along with the the axle blocks and have the NEW sliders DLC coated. Does anyone have a shop or shops they recommend to do such work? Cheers, Trent
  11. dfwhockey17

    Are yz 426 and yz450 header pipes the same ??

    Does anyone have any more info on this topic almost five years later? I am currently planning my exhaust system for my '02 motard project and wanted to put a FMF Megabomb header on it. I know they don't make one for the 426 and was hoping someone had tried one for an '03-'03 450f on a 426 and knew if in fact it would fit or not. I currently have a ceramic coated Powerbomb for the bike in the garage but like the look of the Megabomb better, after all, it is all about looks anyway .
  12. dfwhockey17

    Showa forks on Yamaha

    I would be swapping the whole front end, triples and all so I am not too worried about fork diameter. I am more concerned about having a better fork than the stock 426 forks and like the fact that Showa forks can be completely disassembled and reassembled easier and without damage to the threads on the slider. I am going to have these forks DLC coated and anodized (mostly for looks, not the super marginal improvement of stiction). This bike will be used as a "street tard" and a commuter to work and back for the most part... PM me about the forks you have for sale....
  13. dfwhockey17

    YZ426 FWW

    Hey lastsilverdollar, I still have this set of 3 fly wheel weights if you are interested. I know we spoke about them a while ago but I am getting ready to throw them up on ebay and wanted to give you a shot at them first. I am willing to make a better deal on them than we originally discussed as I would rather them go to another forum member....If you still have my cell number text me if interested, I will be posting these up in a week or so to give you time. Cheers, Trent
  14. dfwhockey17

    Showa forks on Yamaha

    As per your input, which is greatly appreciated I am trying to find a set of SSS forks from an '06 or '07 to upgrade to for my motard restoration project. My question now is, do the two stroke Yamahas of the same years use these forks as well? There are only a few sets from 450's on ebay and I am looking for an inexpensive set as I will be buying new sliders and lugs to have them coated and anodized. Just trying to make the search pool as big as possible so to speak....maybe even score a set from someone parting a bike locally. Cheers, Trent