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  1. Hey guys I just learned something from my insurance guy last week. After complaining about my inability to purchase medical insurance he asked what my biggest need was besides catastrophe insurance. I told him I ride dirt bikes with my son. My kids have medical coverage, I don't. He said no problem he could just insure me when I was riding the bike. I said WHAT??. He said yeah he can insure me when I was on my bike. I reinforced these are MX bikes we are hurtling through the air and tempting fate every day we ride. He said yeah I know. He asked for the type of bike some basic details he already knew about me and then told me for $73 he could give $25,000 of medical coverage when I was riding and that included if someone else hit me. So I am assuming $73 per month and he then hands me the policy and it is $73 per year! I am still in shock maybe I am the only person on the planet to not know this and sure it is $25,000 but that is whole lot better than nothing. Any way if that can help any of you out I just thought I would share my story.
  2. I have not looked into the z400 I was assuming they were out of my budget.
  3. There are definitely some out there to choose from. If anyone wants to pitch in some advice on anything specific I should look for, beware of, years to buy??? Feel free to chime in.
  4. Thanks for the info. I think I will see if I can hunt down a 400EX in my price range.
  5. Hi, I need a recommendation for a quad for my daughter. She is 16 and fairly tall 5'10". She is pretty aggressive and rides her brother's crf 150 no problem. Her riding situation requires her to have a four stroke. (I live on property and try not to annoy my neighbors with the 2 strokes.) I also do not want to spend a fortune under $2k. I was thinking of a older yamaha warrior?? Oh yeah I would like it to have a clutch. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am not that familiar with the older models that might fit the bill. Thanks
  6. perfect thanks kkim
  7. I realize this is an uneducated question but what sort of tool or gauge is required to test the rpm?? Just curious?
  8. Thanks for the help...I am going to try that 42 pilot jet as his bike can be a bit of a challenge to start. We live at sea level and his bike when cold will only start with the choke completely off then give it 2-3 twists on the throttle and it will start. I think I need to adjust the idle as well becuase when it is cold it idles real slow and usually dies after 10 seconds the first few times it fires up but by the 4th or 5th time it will hold a real low idle until it warms up.
  9. Took the carb apart and cleaned everything real well with some carb cleaner. I did not see anything to obvious. I could not see thru the pilot jet but that hole may be to small to see through any way? But after giving it the once over all is well. I did not mess with the floats so I am assuming pilot jet. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for manual link. I have a feeling it is something that got in the carb when I took the bike apart to clean it?? I will be cleaning out the carb tomorrow and checking the screw on the bottom. Hopefully it will be obvious. Thanks for all the help.
  11. Since I do not have a manual yet does anyone know what the float height for this bike is?
  12. Hi I am new to the forum and needed some help on a bike I recently bought for my son. It is an 04 150F and he has had it out maybe 6 times with no problems. I am waiting on a manual I ordered but just had an issue today and am hoping to fix it so he can start riding again. The problem is whenever he turns the fuel from the off to the on position fuel just starts pouring out of the overflow tube on to the ground. I did take the plastics and gas tank off a few days ago to clean it up but can't understand how that would effect it?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.