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  1. I like it and I can see what you mean. The previous owner said it was a newer top end but there was no paperwork. Don't get me wrong its no slouch but i also don't know what i was expecting. I suppose I was expecting a rocketship but im not sure. it runs incredible, it starts second kick and the compression is all there. No noises or anything minus a little rattle.( probably the chain hitting the swingarm). I'm taking it to a dice run saturday so I hope it makes it haha!
  2. I'm brand new to the 4 stroke world. I just sold my .30 over 2000 RM 250 and bought a 2005 crf 450r. My friends talked about this thing being a rocket. I'm honestly impressed with the torque but I feel like the RM was much faster. Before i rode the honda I put a 51 tooth rear sprocket and a 13 tooth front. I'm 6'4 250 am I crazy or did I buy a weak one?
  3. I just went from a .30 over RM 250 to a 2005 crf 450r and I'm honestly not impressed. It has a ton of torque but the 250 was much faster. Your son is probably better off on a 4s 250. But whichever route you take good luck and have fun!
  4. Hey everyone I just have a few questions. Will a pro circut head pipe fit the stock silencer? And if so will I need to re-jet it? Also if anyone has a pipe or complete exhaust for a reasonable price (prefer just the head pipe) please let me know we can work something out. Thank you in advance, Josh.
  5. Hey everyone just wondering if anyone has a spare head pipe they would sell me(2005 crf450r)? Also could I get an aftermarket one without jetting? There's a pro circut one for sale that is affordableand I still am not sure it will fit or be compatible with the stock silencer? And tips or info would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance, Josh.