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  1. batman911

    first impression 2005 crf450r

    I like it and I can see what you mean. The previous owner said it was a newer top end but there was no paperwork. Don't get me wrong its no slouch but i also don't know what i was expecting. I suppose I was expecting a rocketship but im not sure. it runs incredible, it starts second kick and the compression is all there. No noises or anything minus a little rattle.( probably the chain hitting the swingarm). I'm taking it to a dice run saturday so I hope it makes it haha!
  2. I'm brand new to the 4 stroke world. I just sold my .30 over 2000 RM 250 and bought a 2005 crf 450r. My friends talked about this thing being a rocket. I'm honestly impressed with the torque but I feel like the RM was much faster. Before i rode the honda I put a 51 tooth rear sprocket and a 13 tooth front. I'm 6'4 250 am I crazy or did I buy a weak one?
  3. batman911

    450 coming off yz125??

    I just went from a .30 over RM 250 to a 2005 crf 450r and I'm honestly not impressed. It has a ton of torque but the 250 was much faster. Your son is probably better off on a 4s 250. But whichever route you take good luck and have fun!
  4. batman911

    2005 CRF450r Need help!

    Hey everyone I just have a few questions. Will a pro circut head pipe fit the stock silencer? And if so will I need to re-jet it? Also if anyone has a pipe or complete exhaust for a reasonable price (prefer just the head pipe) please let me know we can work something out. Thank you in advance, Josh.
  5. batman911

    2005 crf450r questions?

    Hey everyone just wondering if anyone has a spare head pipe they would sell me(2005 crf450r)? Also could I get an aftermarket one without jetting? There's a pro circut one for sale that is affordableand I still am not sure it will fit or be compatible with the stock silencer? And tips or info would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance, Josh.