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    DRZ-400S to SICK-SM build

    good stuff im in progress of a similar supermoto build bike was a 2000 drz400s so it was blue and white oem i road dirt only for 2 years thats why it so dirty compaired to your pics paited and powder coated tank and rims and hub and decal kit from AMRracing.com it has so far a 434 bigbore kit ,3x3 air box mod, 25pilot jet 142.5 main extended fuel screw on stock carb. might get FCR carb but its pricey, im gonna order the MRD/SSW exhust asap then hotcams, etc im gonna put $$ into performance and hp to unlock drz400s full potenial before i put money into accesoriess if u noticed my rad is bent way outa shape...bike sliped off stand and hit it, brand new rad too but if your like me and tried to hill climb and ride dirt drz400 wieghts 313lbs dry its a heavy machines for my likeing so im converting to street.and get a dirt bike. i might sell this when im done and get a KTM 530 its 247lbs dry plus
  2. Pwnisher

    Detailed Instructions for the Water Pump Fix

    HI all iv got a 2000 drz400 s and had the same problem ......the rtv is a temparary fix if using old parts or dosent work at all beacause the shaft gets pitted and corroded, it builds up and destroys the seals i found this out after i replaced head gaskets thinking it was that(put in a 434 big bore at same time) i found out that this is a common problem in all makes, 4stroke 2000 + i did rtv fix shown on main post but didnt work cause of bad corrousion damaged shaft and seals rtv fix might work if bike is farly new and little ware but mines a 2000 so its old,, but finally gave out use burst of air to get washer out of impeller (great idea ty) the corrosion on the shaft was worse, pic is after i tried scotchbright and rtv fix and still leaked..... my leaking was from the the back side of water seal ( in pic 2) as u can see its all chipped and brittle ********buy the whole pump assembly 120$ to be on the safe side************* comes with everything u need off bikebandit.com or wherever (avoid used crap on ebay) cause i noticed there were cracks on the 2 bolt holes on the plate (below pic hard to see cracks) plate comes with new assembly i believe oil seal behind plate behind that sleave inspect that too (above pic) on new pump assembly add the rtv fix to the spot shown on main post, make sure to assemble pump, then disassemble, then wipe any rtv that may have been squeezed out to ensure a even seal, reassemble and let dry for 24 hrs exactly use high heat rtv i used black be sure to clean any whiteish oil/water gunk while clutch cover is off, so u can tell better if seals are not leaking, a can of brake cleaner works, - replace clutch cover gasket with new- then flush oil a few times to ensure all water is out and leak is gone. add whitegrease or a touch of oil to o-ring waterpump gasket to stop coolant leak goodluck all and ride safe
  3. Pwnisher

    DRZ E spoke length & lacing

    any problems with that setup yet?
  4. Pwnisher

    DRZ E spoke length & lacing

    i took apart rim on my drz 400s to get it powder coated and realized it that 2 where differnt size afterwards, no i dont know where they go, what is factory setting or does it matter, whouldnt u want long ones on break side to tire is dead center on hub so its centered>>>?? measure the hub, find center and long one go one the side that is longer????? im probly wrong what is OEM setup or offset