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  1. nemesisnxt

    Dies with Quick Throttle-Up!

    Is just dawned on me that my accelerator pump has no spring! Is there an aftermarket AP that has no spring? Either way, the spring is not the problem as it ran fine before.
  2. nemesisnxt

    Dies with Quick Throttle-Up!

    I pulled the bottom half of the carb bowl off, and removed the accelerator pump. It says "Factory Red" on the side, is that stock? The diaphragm and o-rings appear to be in good shape. All the passages are clear and I shot them with carb cleaner. The little check valve that allows fuel in seems to be working and the tiny "leak" jet is clear. However, it seems that there is no check valve operation occurring on the output of the pump. Is that check valve located further up the carb, or is it in the bowl that I removed?
  3. Gentlemen, My bike will hesitate or even die with a quick throttle-up from idle. It starting doing this about 4 hours into a 6 hour ride. It doesn't seem to matter what altitude I'm at, as it did it at 11,000ft on the mountain and at the house at 4500ft. I removed the carb and cleaned it up, didn't really find a smoking gun. The accelerator pump appears to be working, although it may be weak? I tried two different spark plugs... I know that's probably not it, but ya know I was there and had one so what the heck. 2006 YZ450F Power-Now Red Beard Mod Aftermarket Accelerator Pump (red it color) Do you think the accelerator pump has gotten weak? The Red Beard Mod is hard on pumps, right? If I ease the throttle it will accelerate and has great power. Its just a snap acceleration from idle that will kill it. -Joshua
  4. nemesisnxt

    WR Radiator a Bolt on Replacement?

    That's the answer I needed. But the additional info is very helpful. I'll keep the forum posted on how I get it to stay cool in such harsh environments.
  5. nemesisnxt

    WR Radiator a Bolt on Replacement?

    Great info guys, keep it comming!
  6. I have an '06 YZ450F with a mashed R/H radiator. It doesn't leak but I'd like to replace it this winter. The bike has been converted to trail, and I regularly ride in 100° weather at 7,000+ feet in sand. The point is it gets hot. Does the WR450 radiator provide more cooling than the YZ450F? And if so, will it bolt on with little or no modification? -Joshua