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  1. rzxt350

    Xr650l tire recommendations

    Running Kenda 270's as well . Great traction on and off road, but are a little noisey on the street . Don't remember exactly how much I paid but they were not expensive
  2. I used to spray armor all on my bike before riding. Made cleaning a breeze .
  3. rzxt350

    Stiff Clutch XT350

    Replace the cable and see how it feels . There's a good chance the old cable was the problem .
  4. rzxt350

    XT350 Shattered Flywheel

    There are tons of good used flyeheels on ebay
  5. rzxt350

    86 xt 350

    Maim is 100% correct . Mine does the exact same thing . These bikes don't need too much choke to start .
  6. rzxt350

    XT 350 Timing Chain Install

    24mm socket and a impact gun takes the nuts off the 2 gears and you also will need the clutch basket tool to hold that to remove and install the basket . It also let's you hold everything still when you are torqueing everything back down . Just follow the instructions in the Clymer manual , it's not that hard to do. Just take your time and don't rush .
  7. rzxt350

    XT 350 Timing Chain Install

    There is a few videos on YouTube showing how to do it . I changed mine the old fashion way which is not that hard but it is a little time consuming .
  8. rzxt350

    xt350 starting issues

    That is correct. Twisting the throttle does nothing if your right leg is static .
  9. rzxt350

    xt350 starting issues

  10. rzxt350

    xt350 stripped reservoir screws?

    Do you have a impact screwdriver ? If not ,get one. You should use a impact screwdriver to loosen every screw on the bike .
  11. rzxt350

    XT350 oil consumption

    UPDATE: I took the bike for a 120 mile ride today down to the end of the everglades national park and back home . No oil leaking from rotor cover .
  12. rzxt350

    how to remove spark arrestor

    Try gently prying around the edge .
  13. rzxt350

    how to remove spark arrestor

    There should be a screw at the end of the muffler that holds it in . You might have to use pliers to pull it out .
  14. rzxt350

    Oil leak on left side

    I sent you a PM or you can read my thread titled xt350 oil consumption .
  15. rzxt350

    XT350 oil consumption

    I pulled the flywheel and stator assembly off today and the oil was leaking from the bottom " dimple " not the crank seal . I sanded all around the 3 " dimples " with 60 grit sand paper and then used rubbing alcohol to wipe the area clean. I patched all 3 with JB Weld . I had to order a new gasket for the left side engine cover so it will be about a week or so before I ride it .