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  1. sethslayer1

    2004 crf250r timing question

    Well after I start the bike she runs strong and rides with some snap in the throttle. But it never stalls out. I think everything's fine I'm just over thinking it because it was my first rebuild..
  2. sethslayer1

    2004 crf250r timing question

    I just put new rings and had my head redone. I put it all back together and the engine sounds different. It sounds louder. Anyways I was wondering if the bike would even start if the timing was off a little bit. She fired right up first kick. Does the timing have to be exact or else the bike won't start or what? Help me please!
  3. sethslayer1

    Rear shock clicking noise!

    i think you all are right. its an 04 so i have been dealing with a lot of problems. i guess i have to go buy 150 dollars worth of bearings.....YIPEEE! LOL! thanks for all of your input. Much appreciated.
  4. sethslayer1

    Rear shock clicking noise!

    so what would i need to buy to fix it?
  5. sethslayer1

    Rear shock clicking noise!

    i have a 2004 crf250r and i am hearing a clicking noise from the rear end of my bike. I just had my shock rebulit but the noise was there before i sent it. I dont know whats wrong. it feels like the front half of my bike moves while the rear half doesnt move. here is a video link to a video i made to demonstrate what is happening. I hope it helps. leave a comment on the video or on this thread. thanks for the help! =)
  6. sethslayer1

    tire sizes?????

    even though i dont have a wider rim the tire will still fit snug?
  7. sethslayer1

    tire sizes?????

    i needed clarification on whether a 110/90/19 tire will fit on my bike.I have a 2004 crf250r. websites say that those tires are for 450's. Is that true? i have a 100/90/19 now but i want a 110. will the tire rub on my swingarm? will it hit my exhaust pipe when jumping? what sprocket size should i use with a bigger tire? please help with any of these questions! thanks!
  8. sethslayer1

    tall rider setup please help me!!!

    i have the pro taper windham bend. work great for tall riders. as for the seat, i would just buy seat foam and do itmyself. just take the seat cover off and add or replace foam then staple the seat cover back on.
  9. sethslayer1

    Help! YZ250F Setup For 125lb Rider!

    just try meesing around with the rebound and compression clickers on the rear shock.
  10. sethslayer1

    rear shock?

    yeah it has been leaking for awhile. I just want to fix it. i think ill call some local shops and see what they charge to have a rebuild. thnx
  11. sethslayer1

    rear shock?

    my rear shock is leaking oil and i dont know what happened. does anyone know how much this would cost to fix? any help would be nice! thanks!