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  1. I know this was a while back but how are you liking that seat? I am about to pull the trigger on one. My only concern is that they are just super ugly. I am young and could care less if my butt hurts I just need to get some distance off the pegs because I am 6'5. Would you still recommend it?
  2. Anybody have a opinion on the best tall seat set up? I have heard mixed reviews on the sdg tall seat but it seams to be the most popular. Are there any other good choices? I'm 6'5 and the the stock seat height just ain't getting it done. btw I am on a 08 KTM sxF.
  3. jrholden

    Quick Question

    I just replaced the jets and did a 3x3 mod on my 05 DRZ. My question is when I pulled the carb. apart the bike was missing the tiny o-ring on top of the carb that the instructions talked about. Does anyone know what the effect that o-ring has on the bike? Thanks.
  4. jrholden

    3x3 mod and Jet kit

    The bike was having trouble idling. I have already cleaned the carb. and adjusted the idle speed and it runs better but its not great. Thats why I am doing the 3x3 mod and replacing the jets because I hope that the bike will be able to breath more and run better.
  5. jrholden

    3x3 mod and Jet kit

    Hey you guys my 05 DRZ is giving me issues and I got the thing pulled apart so I am going to go ahead and install a new jet kit and do the 3x3 mod and see how it runs. Kind of a noob when it comes to this stuff but it seems simple. What kind of jets run the best with 3x3 mod? And if anyone has any tips or tricks before I have at it please let me know.
  6. jrholden

    Idling problems

    How did this end up for you? because mine is doing the same thing.
  7. jrholden

    DRZ 400 is having problems idling

    Wow! I heard good things about this forum and I am very impressed and thankful for the help. I have the carb pulled apart. The bike only has a 1000 miles on it and it is cleaner than a whistle. Nothing so far seems to stand out to me as a source of the problem. I am just going to keep cleaning this thing out and see how it goes.
  8. Recently bought a 05 DRZ 400s. The bike is starting to give me trouble. The bike starts fine but when I take it off the choke the bike putters and dies. If I keep heavy throttle applied the bike can get going but when I pull in the clutch and idle it dies. Anybody have any ideas what the problem could be?