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  1. woodpecker1980

    supermoto wheels

    hi does anybody know , if i can fit supermoto wheels from another bike or does it have to be from a crf450?, thanx
  2. woodpecker1980

    brake caliper

    Hi guys, the front brakes were very poor on my crf so i thought id get new pads and put a braided line on it, when i took the caliper of i noticed there wasnt any reaiting clip holding the other end of the pads, does anyone know where i could get one from???? cheers
  3. woodpecker1980

    help with crf450 project

    plz guys i just need the size of the standard linkage please
  4. woodpecker1980

    help with crf450 project

    hi, guys, i have just bought a crf450 which needs a little work, i have a couple of questions i hope you can hel me with, the bike seems very low alot lower than my old wr450, im unsure if someone has put some lowering links on it, and i need to get some origional ones back on it - can someone tell me what length the standard links are so i can tell if they have been swapped? Also i have to release the clutch lever nearly all the way out before it bites, do i just have change the friction plates and spacers???? Thanx, hope you can help... Woody