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  1. Just sharing this in case this helps anyone as I could n't find any info and the service manual was sparse on info. Background:- My 2003 TE250 was failing to start and sounding like the crankshaft was n't being turned so I took the RH crank case cover off and tried starting. I could then see the sprag clutch was just freewheeling when it should have been driving the crankshaft. When I tried pulling it off after removing the retaining nut it was stuck and could n't lever it off so I located a suitable bearing puller off ebay which fitted like it was designed for the job (US PRO THIN 2 JAW BEARING PULLER B5123). I then fitted a new sprag clutch which needed a pair of circlip pliers to retract the retaining rings so it would fit in the bore. This then needs pushing all the way so the retaining ring sits in the groove at the bottom. Bike now starts. Mockup of setup in picture
  2. endurusky

    brembo spares problem

    Yes I always use Huskysport for spares and always found their service excellent but unfortunately their service is limited to what Husqvarna make available as spares. I have tried contacting a couple of Brembo suppliers but with no luck. You dont know of the KTM model name that is the same or of a contact who might know? Thanks Nigel - Huddersfield
  3. endurusky

    brembo spares problem

    I need a new piston and seals for a rear caliper for a Husqvarna te250 2003 and I have been told by Husqvarna that these are not available as spares and would need to order a new caliper. Can anyone help with loacting a suitable supplier in the UK? Long shot I know but had to ask.
  4. Hi my first post - help! Fitted a new speedo which needs a switched live. From the wiring diagram I assumed it would be the yellow wire output from the rectifier but when I check the output its less than 5V and not enough to power the speedo. Alternator resistance values as per manual and volts across battery when running 14.5V as spec in manual. Where should switched live be taken from? Is tellow wire output from rectifier correct? If it is what should I check? Thanks