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  1. Has anyone ever been there for an event? I'm going to the gp round in April and can't decide if I should get a general admission pass or a reserved seat pass. If anyone has any other input I would appreciate it also! Thanks
  2. I got an estimate of $350-$400 for coating my frame, subframe, and swingarm, from a recommended local shop. At this point that's a lot more than I'm willing to spend!
  3. Thanks guys, what are your thoughts on coating the swingarm?
  4. Thinking about powdercoating the frame on my 04, i want to see your pics of the work you've had done! Thanks!
  5. How much should i expect to pay to get my frame amd swingarm powdercoated? I assume you should have all the bearings out right?
  6. My friend's son will be starting his third racing season next year and they are going to try and get some sponsorships. He is 12, was the points champion in the 65cc class last year, moving to 85cc next season, and is a great kid. After talking to my friends wife today, they were told to write a sponsorship resume. Does anyone have any tips for them? This is a new world for them and I definitely cannot give any advice on this topic. Is a resume standard procedure these days? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  7. Both are equally scary! Not sure what i am going to do and at this point it doesnt matter. We had a ton of rain the last week and winter here in Wi is right around the corner. I will probably have to wait until next year, until then i am going to try and gather as much info i can to see if i can somehow just use dirt. Probably be a waste of my time but i only have one winter hobby so I'll have plenty of time.
  8. I think i should build a 20' wall around my property so they can't see what im doing and i can use my land the way i want to. I live on a busy road otherwise I'd just say screw it and use dirt anyway.
  9. Cmon man i thought i had found a way around my problem....flood plain is the issue im having.
  10. Not sure yet about what to use, first thought was to use 2x6's and build the crap out of them so they can handle the abuse. Being wet is my concern, be pretty slick.
  11. I cannot haul in dirt or move existing dirt on my property, long story, so has anyone ever built wooden jumps? I can build them, no issue there, more curious as to what I could put on them so they had some traction, any ideas?
  12. Your measurement had me thinking about how big mine are, so i measured them-18 1/2" just for reference
  13. Everyone should email the guy with valves in his 2t, i just did, we'll see where this goes lol
  14. I also have large calves and wear fly boots, i can get them buckled up with my knee/shin guards tucked in the top, but there isn't much room to spare.
  15. I kind of figured i will end up getting the short end of the stick on this one, thanks for the input!