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  1. I have a KX250F 2007 , i weigh about 200lbs What spring rates do you recommend for the rear shock? Also a friend of mine has a 2008 KX450F shock and spring , does the shock fit? since i need to rebuild my shock anyways (leaks) maybe that's the best way to go?
  2. Can i remove them?
  3. Someone told me that it might be lowering spacers to lower my bike . Wich might be right because my bike has always felt lower then others
  4. So i finally decided to rebuild my shock but when i opened up i found something weird. These black and red spacers. Are the supposed to be there? I got the 2006 manual and they are not shown in the pictures in the manual . It's a 07 bike.Anyone know that these are and what they do?
  5. So my brakes started overheating so i changed the pads .. Everything was good after that no overheating problems ..After 2 ride my pad (the one that faces the piston ) is complety worn and the other one is bad ..Turned out that the Brake arm is bent ill show you some pictures (it's kinda hard to explain) You can see the arm where the pads are supposed to line up ..but they are not Here u can see how warped they are if they line up This is only after 2 rides ...
  6. No you dont. A syringe is handy
  7. Check inside your clutch , maybe crank bearings?
  8. Try bleeding the brakes
  9. Ye mines a 2007 thanks a lot m8
  10. So i checked Team green site for their suspension clickers but it seems like they have deleted it ..Does anyone have it saved ?
  11. Seems to me that u dont have a problem.The impeller is normal , are you losing any coolant ?
  12. Get a 42 pilot jet if u havent already , Air screw 2-2half turn out ,Check if your hot start is stuck inside the carb make sure u are not leaking air through the boot that connects the air filter to the carb ,
  13. 04-05 bikes were bad but 06 -12 bikes are great
  14. So my rear brake is overheating like crazy .. i take it for a 20 min ride and i come home and the brake cylender is smoking. They were fine but then it just started happening. I took it all apart and cleaned and inspect everything, it was all good ..Could the Brake disc be warped or the pads ?
  15. 100 views and no answer?