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  1. huskyjack


    Bill, if you still have these I could use them.. Let me know.... Jack
  2. huskyjack

    Oil and Spark Plugs

    Don't kick start your X.. Some riders have ended up with a cracked side case when using the kick starter in lieu of the button.. Fix whatever is wrong with your battery or starter quick..
  3. huskyjack

    Moving into a new riding chapter in life

    Great bike Chris, if you are really worried about the weight when you have to pick up the bike, this company has a small pack Moto Winch. They demo using the winch on a Africa Twin, looks easy to use in a pinch with no help around. Check out this site: https://www.eastbound.org/ Jack
  4. Good for you, hope you find the owner... Good idea to have your contact info on your helmet for emergencies or cases such as this....Jack
  5. huskyjack

    Trying to find a specific house near Randsburg/Johannesburg

    We were also by that house during the 80's.. One of our guys broke down close to it and we talked with the guy and he showed us around..Can't remember right where it was but know it was on the east side of 395. Long time ago I heard that the BLM had torn down the cabin so the slabs would still be there. Recently saw a post on Thumpertalk or Facebook where a guy posted about exploring on the East side of 395 and came across a slab that had pipes caped off but still had some steam coming out of them.. Sounds like the location you are looking for.. I'll try to find the post if I can... I'd like to see the area again if possible. Jack
  6. huskyjack

    Gas tank leaking - spinning shroud screw // need help

    You should have a O ring on the bottom of the screen tube (11.8 x 3.55) to seal against the tank. Honda part number 16997-467-000. About $2.00 at Honda...
  7. huskyjack


    Didn't I read that Rousey gets 3 million for the fight. If she wins or not. Let's see, 3 mill for 48 seconds work. Not bad.
  8. huskyjack

    What's the best battery to run in an 05 450x?

    Shorai is the way to go.. Check out Motomummy.com $127.95 free ship..
  9. huskyjack

    Hanging idle

    If you are going to replace the slide plate seal, get it from Yamaha not Honda.. the Yam part # is 4FN-14997-00-00 for a 06 450 YZ.. It's about $12.00 compared to a bunch more at Honda..
  10. huskyjack

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Don't you mean the ride is on MAY 28th not June.....
  11. huskyjack

    2005 450x wont start - I'm stumped

    If the seal is bad, don't go to Honda for the Seal/ Plate they want $90 for the two.. Go to Yamaha dealer and get the seal for a YZF, part # 4FN-14997-00-00 about $11... Jack
  12. huskyjack

    Honda CRF450X 2005

    Great Bike
  13. huskyjack

    Honda CRF450X (2005)


    Great Bike
  14. huskyjack

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Hey if you don't get it back, can I ride your Beta before you sell it?
  15. huskyjack

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Hey Bill, have you been taking lessions from Sarge on how to crash.. You make all the same sounds that Sarge does when he falls...