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  1. 14 52. perfect for mx. a little tall for single track
  2. love mine . after a 15 year lay off from riding. i hve had 250fs . 250 2 strks. 450s. the 350 is as fun as the 2 strk but forgiving like the 250f. i race vet expert in both mx and hs. istill have a 2012 yz 250f as well. last summer i did lap times on all 4 bikes before i sold the 450 and 2 stroke. surprise!!! on the track i am the same speed on all of them. off road the 350 rules!.
  3. have an 11 350sxf and a 12 yz 250f. ridden an 11 250sxf many times. the yz has a solid motor . incredible suspension for mx. to stiff for single track. it is as fast as the 11 ktm ith better susp. the 12 ktm is supposed to be heavier and slower then the 11. get the yz unless the electric start on the ktm gets you horny.
  4. exsarg

    Have you replaced your KTM seat?

    my stock 11 350sxf seat was mush. tried an acerbis. thing was so hard it was magnetic. put on a ktm hard parts seat. nice. a little firm but should break in nice
  5. rich taylor is not allowed to give a proper opinion on an intro. they have never put a bike down in an intro vid. tw sucks ass. mxa rules
  6. exsarg

    Fuel Injection Issues on 2012's

    dont go to a forum before buying anything or you will never buy anything!!!! you wanna downer go drop 70 k on a new diesel truck and go on one of their forums. you will wanna kill ur salesman and then yourself. i have an 11 350 no issues caused by the bike. only the mech who didthe bearing recall and &%$#@!ed the timing. rode and raced the bike with a valve hittin the piston. been fixed. approx 50 hrs and no problems. did stall a few times in the snow before i siliconed the grey thing . the 12 has a cover. love the bike. if you want the bike with the best reliability buy a yamaha. some will argue this fact but most will agree.
  7. exsarg

    450sxf factory edition arrival

    whats it weighin at??
  8. exsarg

    450sxf factory edition arrival

    what does it weigh!!!
  9. ive talked to a couple ktm techs and they are baffled. they both suggest a leak down test. i think im just gonna ride it. im gonna let it idle long enuf to overflow the coolant and see if i can get the orange goop again. mab it is rust?? i will swab out the vent tube. it is the tube connected to the cylinder. i believe it is for venting pressure. i think most bikes have a tube that vents the crank case.thanks for the replies!! keep em coming. oh and i just got 2 new trellies!!!!!
  10. after a long climb up an icy hill with a worn out studed trelly my 350 was pukin out a little coolant. its done that before. what it hasnt done was puke out bright orance goo from the vent tube that connects high up on the cylinder. ive asked a few nechanics and have gotten some different answers. the main theme seems to be a blown head gasket. but coolant and oil should be milky?? not orange. im talkin as orange as my plastic. whats up??? my coolant is blue engine ice
  11. exsarg

    350 mapping confusion

    the bar mount and the under seat dial come in the same package. i think and woul like some one to confirm that the bar mount switch in position 1 eliminates the under seat setting. in position 2 it puts the under seat dial into play. essentialy the bar mount is an on off switch for the under seat dial. bar mount position one gives me 2012 fuel mapping cause they flashed my ecu, and stock timing. position 2 gives me the 12 fueling and a different ignition timing. just called the tech who did it, im right!! no longer confused. well mabe a little confused . he called the fuel mapping download ' ust agressive mapping' i assume this is 12 mapping cause thats what i asked for!
  12. these previous threads are somewhat confusing. mabey im slow to understand. anyways i took my 2011 350 to the dealer and asked for 2012 mapping. they downloaded the map into the ecu? and sold me and installed the switch kit with the 2 position switch on the bar and the dial from 0 to 10 under the seat. my understanding is that on the number 1 position on the handle bar switch i have stock 2012 mapping, with the switch on the 2 poition it brings the dial under the seat into play. this does not change fuel mapping - only ignition timing. 0 on the dial is standard, 1 is mild. 2 is agressive. 3-9 is also standard. i would assume that number 2 on the handle bar and 0 on the under seat dial would be the same as 1 on the handlebar and any number on the under seat dial. confused yet?? will be riding this weekend. cant wait to experiment. im hoping that the mild setting will be as mild or milder then my stock 11 without the switch. just cause half my riding is single track. im motoing this weekend so im hoping the bike on aggressive mode will be much quicker then the stock 11 nd even quicker then a 12 model without the switch?? am i right about all this or way out of the ball park? the switch on the bar and under the seat are ktm parts. the 12 mapping changes the fuel mixture and the switches adjust ignition timing?
  13. exsarg

    2012 350 SXF Mapping on a 2011?

    how do you change your 11 to 12 mapping????
  14. exsarg

    Do NOT buy a KTM 350SX-F

    mine came back after the recall with a knock too. i raced 3 motos and a 2.5 hr hs with the knock. ttook it back to the dealer. talked to the mech who did the recall. he said he thought it sounded funny after he put it together!!!! turned out timing was ****ed. valve touching piston!! covered under warranty. i called ktm canada and let them know about these so called techs are doing. i think the dealer is in hot water. one-- for doing a shitty recall job. two--- for ripping ktm off by doing it under warranty. if the bike was another week old i would likely have to pay!! i would a killed the service manager. he would not admit they ****ed up. said the top end doesnt come off for rercall therefore they didnt screw up the timing. lieing prick. i do love the bike!!! even after all mthat shit. gotta blame the service dept.
  15. exsarg

    Main bearing recall gone wrong

    the mechanic who did my recall ****ed the timing. valve hitting piston. they fixed it under warranty. they lied to me and said the topend did not come off during recall. i called ktm canada and finked on them.!!!!!!!!!!