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  1. sweet I was looking for a way to get rid of the stock odo and I already have a vapor. I think I'm gonna get the warp 9s, they have a 5inch and 4.25 rear wheel size any suggestions on the size and type of tire I should get?
  2. ..yea I was thinking that I could keep my stock hubs to save money, but I'll probably buy whole sets and sell the dirt set to save even more.
  3. they have a warp9 wheel set on epicmoto for 800 that fits the drz400e. any difference in quality over the excel? page says note: front wheels do not have drive... whats that all about
  4. Hey Guys, I've had a Klx 400 (dirt) that I bought new in 05 and have barely ridden it since, I live in Cincinnati and have little time to take offroad. Anyway, I was planning to sell it but upon cleaning I noticed a few demoralizing problems. Unfortunately a while back I had a friend riding it who flipped the bike in a crash it only seemed to have suffered bent bars and plastic, however I've just found out there's a decent bend crease at the base of the exhaust. So I've decided to keep it and convert it to a street legal supermoto style bike. I've taken a crash course on bike modification (much thanks to Thumper talk) and done a few modification myself. So far: 3x3 and rejet Black plastics Ktm Fork guards Vapor computer kit Need Suggestions/ Direction on: Where can I get a brake light activator/ handlebar switch kit, besides the baja designs kit? I'd rather have an acerbis headlight and an edge taillight anyway What in the heck do I need to buy/ do in order to get sm tires on it? I like the look of black excel rims, but do I need to get a hub and spokes from somewhere and how do I know if it'll fit? ...Sorry for the lengthy post my local dealer is useless and I've been reading threads for hours.