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  1. Washington

    I want a snow bike badly for the winter, but....expensive.
  2. Washington

    Places to I don't dare getting started talking about other You may never get me to stop talking...lololol. But I would love to ride in BC!!!
  3. Washington

  4. Washington

    Yeah, Teanaway had a section in it a few years ago when I rode there where the bricks were all lose and dangerous for riders. Not a big fan of using bricks. That is good to hear it is only about 5%...would like to ride there sometime.
  5. Washington

    Thanks...have never rode at Jones Creek. I don't like those brick trails at
  6. Washington

    I have over 200 single track videos on my youtube channel. I made it show friends the areas we ride. Most areas are in here except GPNF...have not made it there yet. Hope it helps. Single track in eastern Wa is amazing.
  7. I know how to ride a dirt bike, but not much mechanically. So this might be a basic question. I bought a used XR 400. It has not burned oil until my last ride. I noticed last ride that when I start it COLD it blew a lot of blue smoke, and I started it up today and again it blows a lot of blue smoke. I have no idea if the rings have ever been adjusted. Could it just need that? I hardly lost any oil, maybe a tenth of a quart. I also noticed lately that is seems to be sucking air. It bogs down more often. Could it be that it is just to rich? Maybe I need to cut a hole in the air box and see if that leans it up? Clueless in Seattle.