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  1. Reamer Steve

    Riding scene in WA?

    I want a snow bike badly for the winter, but....expensive.
  2. Reamer Steve

    Riding scene in WA?

    Places to ride...lol. I don't dare getting started talking about other issues...lol. You may never get me to stop talking...lololol. But I would love to ride in BC!!!
  3. Reamer Steve

    Riding scene in WA?

    Square rocks...lol.
  4. Reamer Steve

    Riding scene in WA?

    Yeah, Teanaway had a section in it a few years ago when I rode there where the bricks were all lose and dangerous for riders. Not a big fan of using bricks. That is good to hear it is only about 5%...would like to ride there sometime.
  5. Reamer Steve

    Riding scene in WA?

    Thanks...have never rode at Jones Creek. I don't like those brick trails at all...lol.
  6. Reamer Steve

    Riding scene in WA?

    I have over 200 single track videos on my youtube channel. I made it show friends the areas we ride. Most areas are in here except GPNF...have not made it there yet. Youtube.com/user/thereamersteve Hope it helps. Single track in eastern Wa is amazing.
  7. I know how to ride a dirt bike, but not much mechanically. So this might be a basic question. I bought a used XR 400. It has not burned oil until my last ride. I noticed last ride that when I start it COLD it blew a lot of blue smoke, and I started it up today and again it blows a lot of blue smoke. I have no idea if the rings have ever been adjusted. Could it just need that? I hardly lost any oil, maybe a tenth of a quart. I also noticed lately that is seems to be sucking air. It bogs down more often. Could it be that it is just to rich? Maybe I need to cut a hole in the air box and see if that leans it up? Clueless in Seattle.