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  1. nkwong

    crf250r 2006 won't start hot

    I don't know what my jetting is, i just got the bike. I'll tear it apart this weekend. Is adjusting the fuel screw going to help? I thought it was the hot start at first, as it came with a broken hot start lever, I replaced the lever, and I'm still having trouble hot starting.
  2. nkwong

    crf250r 2006 won't start hot

    that's great news, i'll take the carb apart and clean her up. however, The bike is already running rich, i.e wet black spark plug, any ideas, of what else to check? thanks
  3. I just picked up a crf250r, I checked the valve clearances, they're ok. any ideas why it won't start hot? it starts fine cold and if i wait for 5 mins for it to cool down.